The Coming Luciferian War – The Foundation


We read in the book of Revelation how things are going to end. Well in the end, the very end things are great, but getting from where we are today to that very end, there is a lot of ugly.

Revelation paints a gloomy picture of how this is going to end.

How is this going to affect the Luciferian Illuminati agenda?

Read Revelation it is all right there in black and white.

Listen, I don’t care what you believe when it comes to the rapture. With all the ideas out there, you have a 1 in 4 chance of being right. The prepper in me, survivalist, the servant warrior in me does not like those odds.

Ignoring what is taking place, the Luciferian agenda, I just can’t ball up in the fetal position and plug my ears and repeat LA LA LA LA LA LA LA wishing it all away.

Luciferians know the bible, probably better that many Christians. They know that prophecies foretold their ultimate demise.

But what they believe is that they can change the outcome and they are working with all their being to try and change those prophecies.

You and I know that they will ultimately fail, and we read in scripture that they will, have and are attempting that right now to bring about the gods, enslavement and war.

Here is a question – Are they attempting to use these prophecies, somehow, to their advantage by way of deceiving human beings?

I honestly believe that they are.

When you start digging into what these people believe, you see that they are basically in denial of scripture.

They honestly believe that history can be changed, and that John’s prophetic revelation is only one interpretation of the future. They know, read, study the bible and Revelation. But it is the rebellion in them that causes to minimalize it and not take seriously.

Right here, right now we KNOW that there are many at the top who are in power. Many dominate the financial arena. These Luciferians have immense wealth, they have everything they want. They have literally sold their soul to Lucifer in exchange to live in said power. They honestly think that they are the “Good guys” and what they are doing… enslaving the world in a new world order is a good thing.

They think that bringing back the “gods” putting Lucifer on the throne to rule the world and being beside him is a good thing.

They are Luciferians, and they DO believe the Bible, but what you find out when you start going down the rabbit hole is that they believe the bible is a bunch of misguided assertions, cute stories and made their god , Lucifer the bad guy, where in reality they see Lucifer as the good guy and Jehovah is the bad guy with all the bad rules.

Many people want to ball up in the fetal position, thinking that all this is down the road. But what Luciferians believe is that the new world order is already here, it just hasn’t been revealed yet.

What many Christians do not realize is that they have been in power for several hundred years. Waiting, growing, securing more power and a lot of this done in back rooms, secret meetings, clandestine appointments.

But today, we see them coming out into the public eye, letting us know that they are there and revealing that they know that we know. Where they were once working in private, they are now working in the open.

They believe that basically, they are GOOD and doing a good work, even if the means are tough to endure at the time.

They are working to “weed out” the weak, the unfit, the disabled, worthless air breathers. They are also working to take out Christians, conservatives people who maintain a Godly moral compass.

They also are working on developing a supreme human being. Beings that can transend the old way, become eternal, expand to the point of being their own god, just like Lucifer.

But to do all this, they need to bring back the gods, put Lucifer on the throne, enslave mankind harnessing us to do all their work so that they can appease the gods and Lucifer himself.

They see themselves as the person on the white horses, not the dark ones.

Such is the power of deception.

They are pushing forward with their globalist plan. I believe that we have been given a chance. A chance to grow, prepare, strengthen ourselves for this coming time of trial, of war and battle against good and evil. A war against the gods and us.

1 in 4 odds are not good when we are talking about the stakes we are seeing take place today.

We need to rise up and ready our mind, body, soul.

They have been preparing, reading themselves, training, learning, doing.

What have many Christians done? Nothing. Sit on the couch and binge watch some show on Netflixs, getting fat dumb and numbed out to what is going on.

So, we can ball up in the fetal position hoping it all will go away and think it’s all a bad dream and doing nothing, or we can start standing up, preparing, training, learning, doing… being bold for Christ again like we should have been doing all these years.

My challenge to you is which one do you choose, the fetal position with all the excuses we tell ourselves or standing boldly for Christ, readying ourselves for that Luciferian War.

Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. (Click to Source)

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