Left Behind


We have left a number of Left Behind letters over the last 7-8 years as the day of Christ’s return for His bride, the church, seemed imminent.

Once again, the signs of His soon return are overwhelming.  While I can’t say that this is it.  I can say it sure looks like it and regardless you should be ready.

With each occurence the frequency and severity of the warnings has been stronger than the last.  As Christ described these as labor pains this makes sense.

I continue to realize that my love and patience for those that God is passionate about is pale, fickle and faulting.

I’m convinced God would keep the door open much longer.  Peter wrote that God is not slow, but anxious that none be lost.  His love is deep and His patience abounding.

Still God gave us 8x as many things to look for regarding the time of His return than He gave regarding Christ’s first appearing as a baby and as a sacrifice on a cross.  The signs are abundant.

I’m sorely tempted to rehash them all again, but they’re here if you want to read.

For many they won’t much matter much longer.  They will be yesterday’s news.  Still all of us will marvel and many will ponder for ages at how they could have missed them.

This site also has many links to others with abundant information, signs and prophecy.

The real question for you is, what next?

The world is in a very real way is falling apart. The day is upon us when the world will look like this:

  • Millions have disappeared creating disaster, chaos, heart break and confusion.
  • Some say Christ came and took His followers, although their voices are being drowned by those who say otherwise.
  • Millions of church goers who have been left, say it must have been something else.
  • Cults, spiritualists and the self-righteous will proclaim “anything but God”, but it was in fact God.
  • Many will believe a deception of one flavor or another.  Perhaps the CERN particle accelerator opened a worm hole in the time-space continuum.   Still others will say it was aliens.
  • When the church is taken up, Satan and his demonic fallen angels will be cast down to the earth, with power, beauty and answers.  We suppose they will mascarade as aliens with answers.  Aliens they are, but aliens cast out of heaven and not from Krypton.  Their objective is to wreak havoc, before they are sentenced to hell and take as many with them as they can.
  • Everyone wants a cute little friendly helpful like E.T. phone home, Close Encounters alient friend.  Even Stephen Hawking was wary of contact with aliens.
  • I speculate many will say these “aliens” have come to solve the world’s problems and for a time it will seem as though they are.
  • In the midst of the racial tension, sexual identity tension, morality tension, political tension, poverty and homelessness tension, anarchy, war, death, rape, murder, economic & ecological collapse, violence and polarization their ideas will seem the right way to go.
  • Others will be out front.  Perhaps some of the following: Macron, Francis, Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, etc…, but they are not men to follow in days like this.  Love them or hate them is not the point.  God say spreadout, fill the earth, trust me and not in your collective ability, still the Tower of Babel, The E.U., The U.N., The Twin Towers all continue to go up and declar our own collective independence from the only one with any real answers.
  • Words like: Volcano, Earthquake, Radiation, Tsunami, Hail Stone and Meteor will take on meaning like never before, as God steadily increases the pressure.  He loves you and will pay any price for you to wake up and repent, even if many dead men walking must suffer and perish to give you an opportunity (God is sovereign over every last suffering).

At the end of the day, no one will be able to say God did not take every opportunity and apply every pressure to urge people to acknowledge that He is God and turn to Him for redemption. He freely gives and longs to do so.

God’s word is pretty clear that 1/3rd of humanity will die in the 7 years that lie ahead.   Most will die in their sin.  For many a God like this is not a God to worship.  For me this is exactly why I do.

The one God has been patient for 6,000 years.  Loving in that He created us, even though knowing in advance what a sorry rebellious godless sinless mess we would be.  Knowing He would have to love us to the point of death for His Son.

Who creates and lets the creation hurt him?  Who creates and lets the creation torture, hurt, abuse, mock and shame the thing He cares most about?  Who lets the creation mock Him, deny Him and live in rebellion?  Our God does that.  He loves that much.  He is patient that much.

A moment with Him is worth any price.  An eternity for one is worth the immense suffering of many for a season.

Satan has since his own rebellion been working tirelessly and ruthlessly to take others with him to hell.  Continuously and fruitlessly trying to make God a liar.

In this case< God has made a covenant with the people of His land in Israel.  God has made Jerusalem His eternal capital and it will not be divided.  Satan is behind the two state solution and upon this God will throw a foul and intervene.

The restoration of the third temple is the highest insult to God, as it rejects Christ as the once for all complete atoning sacrifice for sin and tries to retun to the blood of bulls, goats and pigeons.

When the division of the covenant land and war from Russia, Iran and Syria against Israel is launched, God will launch His rescue plan — the Exodus (exit) of His followers from planet earth.

These 7 years will be marked by fear, as people abandon freedom for “peace and security”.  People will trust men to do what only God can do.  People will accept any “terms and conditions” for the next meal.

I suspect there will be much identity theft after the sudden mass disappearance.  Fear and desire to huddle together “tower of babel” for “peace and safety” will cause people to drop differences, insist on uniformity “the matrix” and a great census will be taken.  This will end with some kind of skin tattoo, subcutaneious microchip, RFID, NFID or other identifying mark.  God calls this the “mark of the beast”.

To eat, to buy or sell, will require acceptance of the terms and acceptance.  This charismatic self-engrandizing world leader who steps up to lead the world out of the mess, is not Christ (the only source of deliverance) and yet will promote himself as god, this “anti-christ” will change the terms. You must acknowledge this anti-christ who will be possessed by satan himself will declare himself god.  All who agree just to keep on living are condemned to hell.

The billions who are left are all dead men walking.  The third that die were dead already.  They will have rejected God and He will have granted their wish.  God is a gentlemen and no rapist.  If you don’t want His urgent pleading love and way of escape, your wish will be granted.

Those that reject God’s lordship for provision in their lives and accept the provision of the anti-christ have made their choice.  Their destiny is sealed.  Those of us who are sealed in Christ, whose names are written and sealed in Christ’s book of life are sealed.  Those who have rejected Christ’s provision are Unsealed.

This blog was written for you – the Unsealed.

There is still a small and quickly closing opportunity for salvation, but the day is today.

There is no more time.

God is outside of time, created time and is closing the door on time.

If you still have questions, ask them quick, but ASK them.  There over 3,000 posts here and links to thousands more. More material has been written about God by Christians than any other.

The fact that you are here reading and clearly others wrote this down before it happened, to tell you when it happened what it was, should be miraculous enough to convince you.  Who could describe what was going to happen before it happened with such accuracy?  Well it wasn’t us.  We just read the flight plan, saw the fulfillments and tried to say something.

God’s eternal attributes and divine qualities are clearly seen.  Those who reject Him are without excuse…

Still we pray for one more.

We have discussed everything from blood moon tetrads (Luke 21:25), 9/11 harbingers (Is 9:10), bird deaths-sea mammal deaths (Hosea 4:10), a California whale in Israel (Jonah), 777 stock market point drop, 666 point drop, debt clock and certain collapse, Billy Graham age 99 – 88 days death symbolism, 70 year old Trump, E.U. Woman on a Beast Statue (Rev 17:3), ENP treaty, Macron’s 10 nation confederation, pi ratios, 9/23, Revelation 12:1-2 sign, Feast of Trumpets, Pentecost, the Triumphal entry, RFID-One World Currency-MOB-Petro Chemical Dollars, Oil discovered in Israel (Gen 49:25-26Deut 33:13-16), FP, AC, Wars, Rumors of Wars, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Oil Spills, Radiation leaks, Chernobyl, Katrina, Andrew, NorthRidge, Haiti, Christchurch, Plastic filling the oceans, Syria, Psalm 83, Gog – Magog – Turkey – Iran – Syria – Russia (Ez 38-39), the pale green horse, the arab spring, the Egyptian revolution, blue moon, moon tetrad, supermoon, The Temple Institute, As America has done to Israel, U.N. vote, Eclipse, Salem, unexplained sounds and booms, terrorism, good is evil and evil is good (2 Tim 3 & 4, Is 5:20), the Supreme Court marriage definition vote, transgender, Target bathrooms, Back to the Future, post apocalyptic movies, flood in Jerusalem, swarms, plagues, ebola, zika, sars, aids, jubilee years, 6 millenia and a day of rest, the male child, the red dragon, Strong’s 726, as it was in the days of Noah, Temple Mount retaken, prayer on the Temple Mount, the Head joined to the body, Jupiter crowned, Jupiter wound in the side, the gospel has been delivered, sink holes, rivers turned to blood, martyrdom, abortion & slavery (highest numbers now that any time in the history of the world), sex trafficking, persecution (20th century most violent), ISIS, beheadings, holocaust, apostasy, the collapse and fecklessness of the church, the collapse and disappearance of men who lead well, the huge population of single women (Is 4:1), false teachers / prosperity gospel (2 Tim 4:3), the expected return of the Mahdi, the expected return of the Messiah by Rabbi’s, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel, lost high priest vest jewel found, red heifer, the Last Pope, Conspiracy theories, mistrust, fake news and deception abound, Preppers, Jewish National Identity Bill, destractions in North Korea, Selfies – lovers of self, Borisov comet, death of: Grant Jeffrey – Chuck Smith – Dwight Pentecost – Chuck Missler – Billy Graham (Matt 24:34-those that see will not all die), warning by Ruth Graham, crazy weather (Luke 21:11-the winters are severe), the Convergence, 1948, 1967, 49, 153, 3.14159, 2520, 2550, 19 and a host of others.

The parallels, signs, types and symbolism is overwhelming.  What else do you want?  What are the odds this is not it and He is not giving us these signs in abundance?

Even without all of this: God said Israel would be back in the land in the last days, the generation who saw the rebirth would not all pass away and the world would turn against Israel and try to divide.

He is at the door and these are not only the last days, but the last moments.

Be ready!  Help someone be ready!

If you missed the sudden catching away, the harpazo, the rapture, repent quickly.

It sounds something like this:

  • God I acknowledge your existence
  • God I acknowledge that you made me, this world and everything in it and I owe everything and every breath to you
  • I thank you for your great patience and for this last opportunity to escape the ruin that was ready to take me
  • I acknowledge my need to humble myself, acknowledge I have not submitted and I need to.
  • I acknowledge that I need a rescue and you are my only hope
  • I thank you for the free gift of rescue, when sin separated me from your perfect Holy standard of perfection and Christ took your wrath and my punishment on Himself.
  • I accept your free gift as the only way into your presence and to be free of sin.
  • I will submit to you, follow you and reject following anything that is not our will, even if I starve or am martyred.  Your are Lord and I acknowledge You as good Father, Friend, Savior and as the rightful Lord of my every thought and action.
  • I trust you and thank you for all that You have for me. (Click to Source)


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