Guatemalan Embassy Opens In Jerusalem While Jewish State Bill Advances


The new Guatemalan embassy opened in Jerusalem today, coming only 48 hours after the historic opening of the United States’ own diplomatic headquarters in the city.  The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Netanyahu, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, and Guatemala’s First Lady.

I find it fascinating to see who, in God’s sovereign will, He has chosen to give the stage to in Jerusalem this week—prominent evangelical Christians (Robert Jeffress, John Hagee, Jimmy Morales, etc).  Most eastern, Arab, and European countries opposed the embassy moves, in addition to the Roman Catholic Church and pretty much leftists everywhere.  Yet evangelicals have been stalwart defenders of Zionism and have thus been given an incredible platform to share the gospel.  Some took the opportunity (Jeffress), while others didn’t (Hagee), but in the end, God drew Israel’s attention to Christ.

While the country isn’t ready to accept the message now, they will remember these things and in just a few years time—in the midst of Jacob’s Trouble—they will remember that it was Christ’s Church that supported and protected the New Jersey-sized country in the midst of a sea of Arab enemies.  And then they will call on the Name of the LORD and be saved.

In other news, the Jewish nation-state bill has advanced further in the Knesset after a Likud committee member vowed to overrule Arab objections.

And hats off to the Daily Crow for spotting that according to the United Nations today is the International Day of Living Together in Peace.  It seems like the world sure is flirting with 1 Thessalonians 5:3 of late. (Click to Source)

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