Iranian forces have launched 20 rockets into Israel’s Golan Heights, hitting a number of military installations.  Israel is retaliating with full force against all Iranian forces in Syria and any Syrian government forces (SAA) that stand in the way.  We will be providing live updates.  Please stand by.

– – –

9:20 PM CST – Possible letup in hostilities for the time being.  The IDF is reporting that what happened tonight was two waves of large-scale airstrikes against Iranian forces in Syria.  They are claiming that upwards of 80% of IRGC and Iranian proxies’ missiles, rocket launchers, and ammo have been destroyed in Damascus and Homs.

8:42 PM CST – Pentagon addresses Israel’s military campaign: “Iran continues to threaten the United States and its allies and partners around the world.”

8:40 PM CST – A Syrian air defense radar has been destroyed.

COMMENTARY: It looks like Israel is launching a full-scale military campaign to drive Iranian forces out of Syria.  After the cancellation of the JCPOA, the U.S. is giving Israel the go ahead and Iran is going to lose its entire Middle Eastern empire, including in Yemen in a very short time, if they don’t get support from Russia and other players—or if they don’t do something drastic to retaliate.

8:23 PM CST – Israel now targeting Syrian air defense battalions and radars throughout Damascus.

8:15 PM CST – Dozens of Israeli missiles shot down by Syrian air defenses.

8:10 PM CST – Very large explosion south of Homs (central-west Syria).

8:05 PM CST – Lebanese army reports four Israeli aircraft have crossed into Lebanese airspace.

8:00 PM CST – At least 30 Israeli missiles have struck military installations and the international airport in Damascus.

7:59 PM CST – An explosion has been reported in Metula, Northern Israel.  Residents urged to seek shelter immediately.

7:53 PM CST – More missiles have struck the Golan Heights.

7:30 PM CST – Damascus commercial tower has been struck by an unidentified projectile.

7:20 PM CST – Very large explosion just southwest of Damascus.  Probably from Israeli aircraft destroying a missile cache.

6:56 PM CST – U.S. State Department gets involved: “We support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

5:00 PM CST – Iranian forces launch 20 rockets/missiles at Israel’s Golan heights targeting Israeli military base for electronic warfare, Israeli military base 9900 for intel gathering, Israeli military base for communication and spying center, and the military HQ of Israeli army position 810.  Some unknown number of these missiles were shot down by Iron Dome and Patriot missile defenses.

3:00 PM CST – Prime Minister Netanyahu arrives back in Israel after his trip to Moscow. (Click to Source)

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