BREAKING: The Iran Deal Is No More, Major Troop Movements, & Missile Threats

BREAKING NEWS FROM WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump has just announced that the United States will withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal and that sanctions will resume against Iran for its violation(s) of the 2015 agreement.  This comes after a series of “extraordinary Western military movements in the Middle East” in the last 48 hours and a crushing victory for the Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah in Lebanese elections on Sunday.  Hezbollah’s political alliance looks poised to capture an absolute majority of seats in the Lebanese Parliament.

For all intents and purposes Israel is now surrounded by enemies along the full extent of its northern borders and is in a substantially more dire situation than in 2006.  Simultaneously, Iran is threatening military retaliation for Israel’s repeated airstrikes against its forces in Syria over the past several weeks.

Trump’s earlier-than-expected announcement prompted Prime Minister Netanyahu to rush back to Israel from Cyprus this morning in preparation for any escalation with Iran.  He had been in Cyprus to sign a natural gas pipeline agreement.

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A Timeline of Important May 2018 Events:

May 1st – Israel declares northern commercial no-fly zone for the entire month

May 3rd – Eruption begins in Kilauea Volcano’s East rift zone

May 4th – A 6.9 magnitude earthquake, the most powerful since 1975, strikes Hawaii as the eruption continues

May 5th – Highest daily number of 2.0+ earthquakes worldwide in at least four years

May 6th – Hezbollah’s political coalition wins an absolute majority in Lebanese elections

May 7th – An original 70-year old copy of the Israeli Declaration of Independence was discovered beneath a tree, just east of the Sea of Galilee; winds had knocked the tree down, exposing the well-preserved document—surely God signifying that a 70 year generation is on the verge of completion

May 8th – President Trump announces U.S. withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal and reimposition of economic sanctions

May 14th – 70th anniversary of the reconstitution of the nation of Israel; U.S. embassy opens in Jerusalem

May 16th – Guatemalan embassy opens in Jerusalem

May 17th – Alternative 70th anniversary date according to Torah Calendar

May 20th/21st – Pentecost; Paraguayan embassy opens in Jerusalem; 70th anniversary of Israel if the country was reborn on Pentecost

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