Emmanuel Macron To Launch 10-Nation Military Coalition Next Month


I’ll let you be the judge of who France’s new President, Emmanuel Macron, may or may not be, but this certainly piqued my interest:

PARIS — Impatient with German foot-dragging on defense, French President Emmanuel Macron will bring together a 10-nation coalition of the willing next month designed to prepare European armed forces to take action together in emergencies, and to bind Britain into military cooperation as it leaves the EU.

Defense ministers of France, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark and Estonia will sign a letter of intent in Paris in June, officials told me, pledging to develop a common strategic culture, share analysis and foresight on trouble spots that may require intervention and work to coordinate their forces for future operations.


Macron’s European Intervention Initiative

This map immediately reminded me of a previous 10-nation military alliance that lasted for nearly 60 years called the Western European Union (WEU).  The WEU was the focus of much Bible prophecy speculation until its demise in 2011.  But it looks as if the old alliance is being reincarnated with eight members the same.  The only difference being that Macron’s European Intervention Initiative (EII) will have Denmark and Estonia while the WEU had Greece and Luxembourg:

The Western European Union’s 10 members are shown in red

In other news, Guatemala has just raised its flag over the country’s new embassy in Jerusalem and the facility is on track to open in just two weeks, on May 16th, two days after the U.S. embassy opens. (Click to Source)

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