Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: Israel’s attack on Syrian airbase was ‘historic mistake’

Hezbollah’s leader said in a speech on Friday that Israel has entered a direct conflict with Tehran. According to him, the Iranian forces are more powerful than the Israeli security establishment believes. “Tehran is not weak,” he stressed.

Becca Noy
Nasrallah with Iran’s supreme leader (archive) Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


On Friday, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that Israel made a “historic mistake” when it attacked Syria’s T-4 airbase earlier this week. At least seven Iranians were killed in the attack that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Russia and Iran have attributed to Israel. “Israel has entered a direct war with Iran,” Nasrallah added.

“Israel is not familiar with Iran,” he explained, adding that the Israeli assessments about Iran’s military capabilities are incorrect. “The Israelis need to know that they are in a direct conflict with Iran. Tehran is not weak,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the IDF announced that the Iranian drone that was downed by Israel in February was carrying explosive material. It is believed that the drone was set to carry out a terror attack in Israel. “By intercepting the Iranian UAV, IAF combat helicopters prevented the attack Iran had hoped to carry out in Israel,” the IDF spokesperson explained.

The Israeli military stated that it reached this conclusion after completing the analysis of the drone’s flight path and the operational and intelligence-based probe into the incident. The IDF stressed that the drone was detected by Israel’s aerial defense system when it took off from the T-4 airbase in Syria and was being tracked by the Israeli Air Force.

The drone was downed after it crossed into Israeli airspace. In response, the IAF fighter jets targeted Iranian sites in Syria. Syrian air defense forces targeted an Israeli F-16 fighter jet that was involved in the attack with over 25 anti-aircraft missiles. The pilots of the aircraft ejected from it before the Syrian missiles hit, landing near Mitzpe Adi. One of the pilots was critically injured.

The fighter jet fell and exploded upon impact near Kibbutz Harduf in the Jezreel Valley Regional Council. Shortly thereafter, the Israeli Air Force retaliated by launching a large-scale attack near Damascus, destroying over 10 Iranian and Syrian targets. (Click to Source)

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