Torah Commentary – Tazria “Conceived” – M’tzora “Person afflicted” – Trust – SCRIPTURES FOR April 14, 2017

Torah Commentary


Tazria “Conceived” M’tzora “Person afflicted”
Leviticus 12:1-13:59; 14:1-15:33
2 Kings 7:3-20; Malachi:3:4-24
1Corinthians 6-11
It has happened once again. We are officially at “those” Torah portions. Yep, last week we saw the middle and the center of Torah. Now if we can just get past this week, we can get back to points of interest. Not so fast Toto. There might be an important message here which will prepare us for what lies ahead.
Let’s first look at common threads. We have stains, scabs, swelling, mold and other less than desirable things. All of these points to a problem that is, pun intended, below the surface. In our day, if we were to see such abnormalities on our body or our house we would make an appointment to see a doctor or a house restoration company.  Either of these solutions would be able to treat surface symptoms, but not the root cause. Let me bring this in to the practical. For the sake of not getting totally grossed out, we will use a house as an example instead of an arm.
One day you look at your bathroom wall and see a discolored spot. After examination, you find it to be mold. You call the restoration company and find out you have a leak in a pipe which has caused mold in a wall. Estimate given, work completed and you move on only to find a new discoloration the next week on the other end of the house where there are no pipes. A return trip from the restoration company reveals a sewer pipe which has been leaking for quite a while. Now there is a bad situation under the whole house. Major repairs needed along with the restoration.
What is my point? When the first leak showed up you settled for a quick fix and decided to move on instead of investigating if there might be a greater problem. Get the message?
Though we may not see the physical forms of whatever this “tzara’at” is today, (That statement can be argued of course.) I believe we are seeing its effects in many ways. The list could begin with rebellion of children, divorce, financial problems, ongoing health issues and the list goes on from there. As a disclaimer here, I am not saying that everything which comes into our lives is tzara’at, but would it not be a good idea to at least consider if it is? Let me put this into a question for each of us. Do you ever feel you are chasing symptoms in life, but never finding a cause? If the answer is yes, have you thought about considering a path to a cure? Where does it start?
It starts with the word humility. Humility ushers in the understanding “I need help”. Of course the first thought is to take it to Yah and ask for His help, exactly. How does He answer? Look to the Scripture. The person afflicted had to go to the priest, a human. He had to confess to another human in order to be healed by Yah. This is the order set forth in Torah and one which I do not see changed throughout Scripture. What is the real message? In order for true, complete healing to be brought forth in our lives we must admit our need for help then seek out, confide in and trust others. I don’t know about you, but this is the place I many times hit a snag. I have no problem trusting Yah, but I question, “Can I trust others?” “Can I even trust those closest to me?” I hesitate as I write these words because of all the thoughts running through my head.
How about a spin on this trust thing? Let’s take the attention off me trusting another and ask whether another person can trust me! What if you or I are one day put in to place of the cohen and someone comes to us for help. Are we willing to walk in integrity and confidence concerning things they may share with us? Are we only going to share a few “prayer requests” with a few intimate “prayer partners” or on a “prayer chain?” Maybe a reason many people do not trust others is because they have never learned to be trustworthy themselves!
There is much to learn about life in these Torah portions. We all face “stuff” in our lives. To get through it and find complete healing, we need the fullness of HaShem in our lives. Part of His fullness is found in others He has brought to share in our lives. How trustworthy others may be when we go to them for help may be tied to our trustworthiness toward them. Scary! Begin today by being the loyal friend HaShem created you to be! (Click to Source)


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