Shahram Hadian’s visit to Montana next week


Dear Patriot,

We want to remind you of Shahram Hadian’s visit to Montana next week when he will be making presentations in Polson, Cutbank, Great Falls and Helena.   You won’t want to miss his warning to us about The Trojan Horse of Interfaith Dialogue between Christians and Muslims. Also, Shahram will be on Voices of Montana on Monday, April 16th at 10 am.

Pastor Hadian’s presentations are very timely because the interfaith movement is springing up all around Montana.   A group of clergy from Flathead and Lake counties have formed a group called Interfaith Peace and they held their first public Interfaith Peace service in Kalispell on Sunday, April 8th.  On the surface, the goals of the group sound laudable and at this time the group includes clergy from the Jewish faith and from several Christian denominations.  However, in an article in the Daily Interlake, Rabbi Francine Roston, one of the founders of the group, is quoted as saying that all faiths, from Jewish to Christian to Muslim and beyond, share in the common belief that every human life is sacred.  Pastor Hadian and other scholars of the Muslim faith would strongly disagree that faithful Muslims believe that “every life is sacred.” 

The Montana Interfaith Network will hold its second annual meeting  on April 10th and 11th  in Helena.  This is another group whose goals appear to be admirable but which can quickly descend into nonsense when attempting to encompass Islam into “Interfaith”.

Missoula will be having its annual “Celebrate Islam Week”  April 9th through 14th.  This is yet another attempt to present Islam as a benign, peaceful religion that will blend seamlessly with our Judeo-Christian belief system.  

You also need to be aware of the difficulties that Last Chance Patriots has had while attempting to advertise Pastor Hadian’s presentations.  The Lake County Leader and the Valley Journal both denied LCP the opportunity to put announcements in their papers.  The Lake County library refused to allow us to place a flyer on their bulletin board.  And Facebook denied us the opportunity to pay them $30 to “boost” the announcement on our Last Chance Patriots Facebook page.  Facebook said the advertisement did not meet their standards! 

We need to stand together and let people know about these efforts to stifle our free speech!  Now is not the time to turn a blind eye!

The attached flyer gives the particulars for each venue.   We hope to see you at one of the events. Spread the word and bring some friends!

Yours for a more secure America,

Ed Kugler                 Linda Sauer              Caroline Solomon

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