People Fleeing Western Europe Because of Muslim Migration

Written by Selwyn Duke

Wednesday, 28 March 2018


People Fleeing Western Europe Because of Muslim Migration

One is a Christian migrant who returned to Syria because he found Austria more dangerous. Another is a Croatian man who grew up in Sweden but recently moved to Poland with his wife and kids, saying he doesn’t “recognise the country [he] grew up in anymore.” Yet another, also a part of what has been called the “Swedish Diaspora,” is a woman who moved to Hungary because, she says, “There is no safety at all” in Sweden. They’re all part of the secondary migration caused by Muslim migration.

Many would find it shocking that people would leave the rich West for relatively poor Eastern Europe and even war-torn Syria. But it underlines a reality denied and covered up by Western governments and media: The large influx of Muslim migrants into Europe in recent years has caused burgeoning crime and the exacerbation of the no-go-zone phenomenon. More scandalous still, the cover-up effort is so intense it has led to police ignoring female rape victims, telling others not to mention the ethnicity of their attackers, and to a leftist Dutch mayor‘s attempt to keep her own mugging, in a migrant area, out of the media.

Christian Syrian Spiro Haddad wanted to come to Europe so badly that he spent €3,000 on smugglers to reach Austria. He left his native country because, as he put it in an interview with a German TV broadcaster in Syria, “we are Christians and lost everything in the war.”

Initially optimistic, Haddad’s hopes were quickly dashed, however. “I was scared when I saw how many of the refugees openly pledged to Al-Nusra and ISIS,” he said. Note that this accords with the report by practicing Muslim and fellow refugee Dr. Mudar Zahran, who said in 2015 that he had pictures and “names of terrorists who actually are already in Europe.”

Haddad says that he had to keep his Christian faith secret in Austria to survive, that he had to echo the jihadist types, who “wanted to change churches into mosques,” according to Voice of Europe (VOE). (Note: As reported in 2012, this is already happening.) As he put it, the “people I had once fled from were making the decisions.” Moreover, in what has now become a common pattern, he said that he contacted Austrian authorities, but they didn’t take him seriously (video below). So, €3,000 sadder and wiser, he returned to Syria.

Amazingly, Haddad actually feels safer in Damascus, Syria, than in Europe, a continent for which he has a warning. It’s “not good that Europe is open to all,” he says. “ISIS and Al-Nusra want to destroy everything, even with you. If you do not understand that, I’m pessimistic for the future of Europe.”

No one has to tell this to a woman interviewed recently by Hungarian news channel M1 and identified only as a “member of Swedish Diaspora” (I’ll call her MSD). Born in Sweden to a Hungarian mother, she explained that she left because there “is no safety at all with all those migrants they let into the country.” Saying the situation is only getting worse, the woman states that “you can’t travel during the daytime on the metro in Stockholm where I lived, because the migrants sexually molest the women.”

MSD says that no one helps, not even the police. This is reminiscent of the recent story of Pole Agnieszka Wiśniewska; she moved to Sweden in 2007 seeking a better life only to be raped by Arabs — and then ignored by police. She’s now thinking of returning to Poland.

As for MSD, she states that migrants get jobs before native Swedes do. In fact, she claims that even Swedish doctors have trouble finding positions, saying that while she was lucky enough to land an internship at a hospital, approximately 80 percent of her colleagues were “migrants, Muslims, from the doctors to the nurses, everyone.”

MSD says that many Swedish nurses leave their jobs because they get sexually molested in the workplace (in contrast, a native Swedish man can get in trouble if he even looks at a woman cross-eyed). Yet she says that “these facts are not allowed to come out, but [are] kept quiet.”

This, too, is an old story. Just consider the ordeal of “Emma,” a Brit who was raped by multiple Muslim men when she was 13, only to be told repeatedly by the police “not to mention the ethnicity of the attackers,” as Breitbart put it last year. Emma was one of the victims of the Rotherham, England, Muslim rape gangs, which victimized more than 1,500 British girls but whose crimes were covered up by politically correct authorities for 16 years. In fact, a government official who sought to blow the whistle was forced into diversity training and told “You must never [again] refer to Asian men,” and your “awareness of ethnic issues” needs to be raised. Note that “Asian” is how Muslims are referenced in Britain.

MSD certainly had her awareness of issues raised, in a very tragic way. She related how a migrant attacked her on the Stockholm metro one day; no one intervened, and MSD says, echoing Wiśniewska, that the police will just say they don’t have time for such matters.

In addition, MSD reports that migrant students pulling knives on teachers is a daily occurrence; that it isn’t safe for kids in the schools or on the streets; that migrants have burned down homes with Molotov cocktails, sometimes claiming lives; and that most terrorist-type attacks never even make it into international media. Unsurprisingly, MSD also says that some of her friends and acquaintances have left Sweden as well and that others are planning to follow suit (video below).

Then there is a Croatian man who grew up in Sweden but has moved to Poland. Also unidentified and interviewed by VOE late last year, he explained that he and his siblings were brought to Sweden when he was small. He said he had a “great childhood” and loved growing up in the country, which back then was clean and safe, and enabled him to get an education and a career as an IT/tech-specialist.

So why did he leave? “Sweden has been in decay for quite some time now,” he told VOE. “The schools are terrible, simple medical help takes a long time, the violence is increasing on every level and I simply don’t recognise the country I grew up in anymore.” He now finds Poland vastly preferable and lives there with his wife, children, and parents and will be joined by his wife’s parents in 2019.

Even more significantly, the Croat states that in Poland people can discuss matters like “adults.” Contrasting, he complains of what others have termed the “Soviet Sweden” mentality, where hate-speech laws combined with social stigmatization and career destruction serve to silence Swedes opposed to migration. He says that “people know that migration has led to more crimes, more rapes, more violence, more gangs but the government and media” whitewash the issue. “Swedes KNOW that something is terribly wrong,” he states, “but no one speaks openly about it.”

No doubt. While Sweden has the highest per-capita migration rate in Europe, nonetheless, even “assimilation” is “a Nazi word” in the country, reported Danish journalist Mikael Jalving in the shocking 2014 CBN TV news piece, “Soviet Sweden? Model Nation Sliding to Third World” (below).

The above also reports on a former Swedish radio journalist who left Sweden in 2013 and “returned to her native Somalia,” as CBN’s Dale Hurd relates it. “She told Swedish television that Mogadishu was safer than the immigrant suburbs of Stockholm.”

Of course, as alluded to earlier and as I reported just recently, hate-speech laws, travel bans, and social stigmas are used all over Western Europe to silence critics of immigrationism, as citizens’ needs are routinely subordinated to those of statist-enabling foreigners. It’s an attitude that was summed up very well back in 2001 by Social Democrat politician Mona Sahlin when she brazenly said that “the Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden; the old Sweden is never coming back.”

Yet more and more Europeans are choosing emigration to somewhere better over integration into something worse — and they’re never coming back to their “new” old lands. (Click to Source)

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Photo of march supporting sexual abuse victims in Stockholm: Sputnik via AP

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