Why Is California Governor Brown Conducting Nuclear Explosion Drills in Sacramento?


Have you ever heard of a SNAP drill? It is a drill where a terrorist event is being rehearsed, along with the response, an the drill actually turns into a live event. The 7/7 Subway bombings, the Boston Marathon and of course, 9/11. Fortunately, as we all held our collective breath, this drill passed without incident. However, it is curious that this drill, in large part, was sponsored by a State that cannot pay its bills, and yet, they had the ability and resources to carry out the following?

On March 22nd  California authorities, headed by the very people that want exit California from the United States:


“First Responder Exercise @ #SleepTrainArena THUR.3/22. Very Realistic but don’t worry. Only an exercise. Fire trucks, Helicopters, Ambulances, “Victims” (Actors) & Media. We’re just training to serve YOU,”

Serve us from what? Save us from the next attempted false flag event?

The above was a press release made available on Twitter from Governor Jerry Brown’s office. This is the very governor who is helping to sponsor CALEXIT in which this governor wants to become El Presidente, in the words of Paul Preston. After all, hasn’t California declared itself a sanctuary state in violation of federal law. This is a state, if Governor Brown gets his way, that will no longer be a member of the United States and will become a protecorate of the United Nations under CALEXIT. How many contradictions and ironies did you just read? So what we have here is a governor who is planning to leave the United States, join the United Nations while he is practicing blowing up his state with nuclear weapons? Does anyone else think that these actions are unconnected and very, very strange, if not very suspicious?

Here is the full press release that was released related to this drill:

It is interesting that Jerry Brown’s forces invited media coverage, but only media coverage that is credentialed. Who “credentials” media” That would be the Governor’s office. In other words, those of us in the Independent Media who have exposed the geoengineered California drought, the Oroville Dam fiasco, the conversion of California’s drinking water from emanating from rivers, lakes and streams to the conversion of toilet to tap drinking water and of course, the infamous CALEXIT movement, were not invited because we do not drink from Governor Jerry Brown’s Koolaid.

Is there something that we are supposed to read into this event? Is this why the Independent Media was kept out because we would ask too many unfcomfortable  questions?

Has anyone else noticed the irony that Sacremento was the host city? Why would this potentially be important? In retrospect, and because of the fine work by Paul Preston, we now know that the Oroville Dam came within minutes of breach that would have wiped out everything between Oroville through Sacremento which lies about 70 miles to the south.

Urban Warfare Training in Phoenix

Two weeks ago, the Arizona Republic reported the following:

If you see a helicopter buzzing down the middle of a Phoenix street, or a group of Marines dressed head-to-toe in combat gear, don’t be alarmed.

It’s nothing crazy like “Minority Report” or “Mission Impossible,” it’s just Marines practicing before they’re deployed. 

The 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit will be conducting exercises and drills in Phoenix, Glendale and Mesa over the next four to six days, according to Capt. Daniel Vacchio. 

Roughly 100 Marines will make their way to Arizona from Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California, on Tuesday and likely will be in the state through the weekend. 

“We don’t want people who have been living here and working here to be afraid,” Vacchio said. “If you see aircraft or Marines, you can safely assume it’s us.”

Capt. Diann Rosenfeld, communication strategy officer for the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, said that the Marines will be in Phoenix to work specifically on a series of exercises and drills called Realistic Urban Training. This group of Marines typically trains in 29 Palms, California, and is using this visit as an opportunity to train in an unfamiliar area before they deploy overseas this summer. 

“It’s so important for them to add this realistic element to their training,” Rosenfeld said. 

“Traiing before they are deployed?”  Where in Afghanistan are Marines going to encounter landscape like they would in Phoenix? The Common Sense Show Show has learned that these soldiers are training for war in California. Who would be their enemy? I wrote an article earlier in the week in which I discussed the Kilgali principles, negotiated by Obama and the United Nations, in which the United Nations would be called into to “defend Americans in times of domestic discord.

Did anyone else notice that the troops are from Camp Pendelton, north of San Diego?

Given the current state of affairs, it is hard to not conclude that the battle lines are being drawn in California and it would be a mistake to believe that the ensuing conflict would not spread across the country. (Click to Source)

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