Torah Commentary – Vayak’hel (He assembled) , – P’kudei (Accounts) – Form and Function; Meet Purpose – SCRIPTURES FOR March 10, 2017

Are you a tent or a dwelling place for the Almighty?
Torah Commentary
Vayak’hel (He assembled), – P’kudei (Accounts)


Exodus 35:1-40:38
1Kings 7:13-26
2Corinthians 9:1-15
Hebrews 9:1-14
Revelation 11:1-13
Form and Function; Meet Purpose
The Golden Calf was quite the setback for the Hebrews. I wonder what conversations were going on in the camp during those first few days after the incident. Was Israel wondering how much grace and mercy this Elohim had to give? Did their sin exceed His measure of forgiveness? Was He going to wash His hands of them and replace them with another people? Would He give their calling to the new guys? The reason I believe these questions were part of their camp is because I hear these same questions amongst the people in our camp today.
The golden calf incident was truly one of the most momentous sins Israel committed. Their choice brought death on many levels. Because Israel repented and moved on, Yah could have decided not to put this incident in Scripture so we would not know about it. I for one am so thankful He revealed it, because it gives me hope on a personal and national level. It is a reminder when I, or we fail, the event is not too great to be forgiven. He gives us the Way to get back up and move on.
Move on they did. It seems there must have been a renewed focus in the camp motivated by experiencing Father’s revelation of Himself. This revelation gave them new purpose and drive. May we see this same renewal in our day! Moshe put out a new call asking Israel to give. He was overwhelmed with their response. I see this as a shadow of a verse in Psalm 110 which translates “In the day of your power your people will willingly give themselves.”
I have seen this principal of giving played out in people many times through the years. As a pastor many years ago, I saw it in my congregations and in congregations I travel to, a heart of giving from those who are focused on Him. You don’t have to badger someone to give or to work when a person is experiencing and in relationship with Yah. These are the folks who get involved. So the simple message of this is, if you are around people who are not involved, exalt Him and watch the changes.
The day came that the fruit of their labor building the Tabernacle was complete to behold. An amazing sight was before them. The Tabernacle, the garments, it was all there, built exactly as the pattern had been given to Moshe. Exodus 39:43 is an awesome verse to me. It proves to me that a group of imperfect people are able to come together and accomplish a major task given to them to do. Can you sense the awe of the people as they stood and gazed upon their accomplishment? Moshe is so overwhelmed and pleased; he is inspired to speak a blessing over them. Many believe Psalm 90 to be his words he spoke over the people.
Before the people is the earthly realm mirror image of the Tabernacle in the Heavenly realm. (Hebrews 8:5) Well, not exactly. There was something missing that the Hebrews had no control over; Yah’s presence dwelling in the Tabernacle. At this point in time it is still a tent. It is an elaborate tent, but just a tent. It had form and function, but its purpose was not fully revealed. Go back to Exodus 25. What was the purpose of the Tabernacle? It was to be a tent Yah could dwell in. His presence is what changed the status of the tent into His dwelling place. We find in Exodus 40:34 is where form, function and purpose are fully manifest.
Today the world is full of people with form and function. Churches, Synagogues and congregations are filled with form and function. But does form and function change the person’s life or only affect the person’s life? Let me explain. Form and function can affect us outwardly in the way we dress, what we choose to eat, what days we take off from work, our language and even the naming of our children, but does form and function change a person inwardly? I say not really. Form and function can only change a person if the two lead us to purpose.
When the presence of HaShem came into the tent it took form and function into the level of purpose. The same should be true and happening in our lives. The form and function of our life in a “Yeshua focused Torah” should bring forth His presence. What we do needs to be the catalyst for welcoming Him to change our earthly realm tents into Heavenly realm Tabernacles for him to dwell in. This transformation makes us the mirror of the Heavenly for people to witness. Our lives then inspire in others the desire to seek Yah and allow their form and function to become His purpose. This is the purpose of being in relationship with Him and having the revelation of HaShem for all to see! So I leave you with a question to prayerfully consider, “Are you a tent or a dwelling place for the Almighty?” (Click to Source)

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