On The Brink Of A Middle East Peace Plan


As the days wane in the wake of the Revelation 12 Sign and the confluence of signs in 2017, and Israel’s 70th anniversary quickly approaches, we might expect to hear a lot of noise pertaining to a final status agreement between Israel and “Palestine,” and that is exactly what we’re hearing.

News has slipped that the Trump Administration is preparing to unveil its Middle East peace plan at an upcoming conference in Cairo.  Key details of the Trump and Kushner-sponsored agreement reportedly include:

  • The permanent division of the Holy Land between Israel and a so-called “Palestinian State”
  • The division of Jerusalem between western (Israeli) and eastern (Palestinian) halves, with the walled Old City and the Temple Mount falling under the control of an international monitor
  • Israel’s largest settlement block outside internationally-recognized borders, “Area C,” would remain under Israeli control
  • The Palestinian government would abandon its call for a Palestinian “right of return” to Israeli land
  • The Palestinian government would assume control of Areas A and B
  • The U.S. government would fund the development of the Palestinian State to the tune of $40 billion
These details have now been widely reported in the media, but still remain rumors, although probably pretty close to the truth of what will soon be revealed.  For the time being, the P.A. is denouncing any U.S. role in the peace process because of Trump’s embassy move, but the truth of the matter is that Abbas knows he won’t get a much better deal than this one and the carrot of $40 billion, in addition to secret pressure from the Egyptians and Saudis, might sway him in 2018.
The timing certainly seems to fit in light of all of the prophetic signs that have recently converged.
Pertaining to the upcoming embassy move on Israel’s 70th anniversary, Prime Minister Netanyahu apparently wants President Trump to be present at the opening, which would make the occassion quite a spectacle.  He will raise the prospect with the President while they meet today in D.C.  In addition, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has just announced that his country will be moving its embassy to Jerusalem just two days after the U.S. move on May 14th:
In light of all that’s happening now, I would encourage you to study the most recent number-crunching over at WatchForTheDay and also take a look at the most recent article from A Little Strength, which is a truly superb breakdown of prophecy basics and how to steer right in the realm of Bible prophecy.

FYI, tons of new video updates this week in our Prophecy Update playlist.  You can watch by clicking “Updates” on the main menu or watching directly here.

Maranatha! (Click to Source)
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