Billy Graham Passes Away At The Age Of 99


William Franklin Graham Jr., the Southern Baptist minister who preached the gospel to more people than any other person in history, passed away today at the age of 99.  It has long been thought by many students of Bible prophecy that his passing might signal the nearness of the rapture because of his pivotal role as the world’s most well-known preacher in the last days.  Graham died, or, more accurately, fell asleep (1 Thess. 4:13–18), exactly 153 days after Feast of Trumpets 2017 and 88 days before Pentecost 2018.  Abraham was 99 years old when God established an everlasting covenant with him, changed his name from Abram, commanded him to be circumcised, and promised him a son—the son of promise—not only Isaac, but also Christ and the Church (Gen. 17:1–27).

His passing marks the end of the earthly life of a man whose preaching won over literally millions of people to the simple truth of the gospel, including one Louie Zamperini, the subject of the movie Unbroken.  Graham has his detractors, even here at Unsealed, but I’m not one of them.  He was not a perfect person, but neither am I.  He preached the gospel as best as he knew how and devoted his life to reaching the masses with the good news of free pardon through faith in Jesus Christ—a message not heard in many other Christian denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church.

And as if perfectly, dare I say, divinely, planned, news broke just yesterday that the United States is finalizing its long-awaited Middle East peace plan and just briefed the United Nations Security Council on some if its key details.  We’re here folks, so get ready and stay alert.  The Revelation 12 Sign and all of the incredible subsequent signs were a red alert—perhaps the final major alarm for the Church. (Click to Source)

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