Bible Prophecy: The Kingdom & Eternity



The Kingdom
This millennium of the Kingdom Age is the true reward of the Church, and it will be quite different from the Church Age we are experiencing now. The social order will be “upside down”: It will be “sophisticated” to be a Christian, foolish to be an unbeliever.

The King Himself shall reign in Jerusalem with us Believers, His Queen.
Jesus took all His teaching from the Old Testament; there was no New Testament at the time. He taught His disciples “the things pertaining to the Kingdom.”

The inspired passages of Isaiah and the other prophets make this magnificent Age of God’s Triumph very clear. Therefore, the New Testament writers assume that their readers understand the Kingdom, so they begin (after the genealogy) with the Sermon on the Mount, teaching both admission to and laws of the Kingdom, and then its joys (the Beatitudes, in Matt. 5, etc.). See Isaiah 11:4–9.

Isaiah 12 contains the most beautiful and concise description of the Kingdom in the whole Bible. The themes of the Kingdom are: the constant company of the Messiah, total triumph of the saints, and justice and mercy throughout the Earth.


After the Kingdom and the Thrones of Judgment, Believers live on in eternity.
God will change Heaven, Earth, and Jerusalem—no more seas or water, and
therefore no more life as we now know it. We can sample John’s description of
eternity in Rev. 21:1–7. The very end of the Scriptures, as John describes in Revelation, becomes symbolic and almost incomprehensible (Rev. 21:9ff.).

One notable feature is that there will be no Temple (v. 22). There is no need for further sacrifice, or, in effect, for further worship. Everyone will be at one with God and approach Him directly, as did Adam before the fall.

Another interesting feature of eternity is new light. Light was the first thing God created, but now there will be no need of sun or moon because the glory of God and the Lamb provide the light (Rev. 21:23).
But perhaps the most striking feature of all is that there will be no evil—anywhere. While a certain amount of rebellion occurs even in the Kingdom, eternity will be
utterly free of it (Rev. 21:8, 26–27).
And remember, this is only the beginning! John, after seeing all these things, wrote that the thing to do was pray now for the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. John the Apostle, New Testament saint and member of the Church, awaited the Rapture fervently—and so should we.

The last verses of the Bible provide a more-than-fitting conclusion for this discussion. John’s final prayer must be our ultimate prayer. In view of all he had seen in this stunning Revelation of Jesus Christ, John uttered simply: He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. —Rev. 22:20–21

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