Teacher Fired for Sharing Biblical Views; Loses Discrimination Lawsuit


An Employment Tribunal in the UK dismissed a discrimination lawsuit filed by a Christian teacher in Bristol.

Svetlana Powell was fired from her job at the T2 Apprenticeship Academy when she answered a student’s question about her views on homosexuality in 2016.

Powell reportedly stated homosexuality was “against God’s will” but that He loves everyone.

According to Christian Concern, a student knew about Powell’s Christian faith and started asking probing questions in an attempt to trap the teacher.

Other students joined the conversation which led to a question from a 17-year-old student about her views on homosexuality.

The students then accused Powell of “brainwashing.”

After an investigation, the school decided to let Powell go for “gross misconduct.”

She filed a lawsuit for discrimination and loss of wages.

But according to the judge, Powell was not fired for of her Christian beliefs but because she “allowed herself to be drawn into a discussion where she expressed personal religious views.”

According to the Christian Legal Centre, Powell was also reported to an anti-terror group for being a “radicalization threat.”  (Click to Source)

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