Hundreds of ‘UFO and alien sightings’ in UK reported to police

The truth is out there! Hundreds of ‘UFO and alien sightings’ in UK reported to police

ALMOST 400 sightings of aliens and UFOs have been reported to UK police forces in the past three years, according to shock figures seen by


Officers across the country received 146 calls about apparent extra-terrestrial activity by concerned residents in 2015.

A further 124 such calls were made to police forces in 2016, with the number of reported alien and UFO sightings falling to 112 last year.

The total number of calls received by officers over the three-year period was 382.

But the true figure is likely to be much higher, as 16 of the UK’s 46 police forces did not respond to’s Freedom of Information requests.

Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defence, said: “There’s massive under-reporting of UFOs, because witnesses fear being ridiculed or disbelieved.

“Even if they do decide to come forward, many people don’t know who to contact.

“Some people contact the police, some contact military bases, airports or observatories, and others contact civilian UFO research groups or the media.

“Following the termination of the MoD’s UFO project in 2009, there’s no longer anyone in government drawing all of this together.

“This is a great shame, because we’re much less likely to solve the UFO mystery without someone trying to collate all the information and make sense of it.”

Avon and Somerset Police received more calls about alien and UFO activity than any other force, with officers receiving 124 such reports since 2015.

West Yorkshire Police recorded the second-highest volume of alien-related calls, with 34 reports over the past three years.

And North Wales Police said it was called out to 30 incidents over the same time period.

Dr Neil Dagnall, parapsychology expert at Manchester Metropolitan University, said people’s belief in aliens is linked to the “desire to explain the unexplained”.

He said: “Aliens are a cultural archetype – they’re part of our social consciousness.

“They also provide a narrative in which to understand and resolve technological developments and uncertainties.

“These include notions linked to the idea that aliens protect the Earth and have prevented wars. Within this story-line, these matters have coherence and meaning.” (Click to Source)

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