Are Globalists Preparing Mass Sacrifice At ‘Little Mogadishu Super Bowl’? Appearances By ‘The Owl Of Moloch’ And Global Mercenary Firm G4S Have ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Concerned Everything Aligning For ‘An Event’


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

“The ultimate self-defense mindset demands that you be where everyone else isn’t – here’s a perfect example of where you don’t want to be in person”. -Steve Quayle

With a huge percentage of Americans set to boycott the NFL and their ‘super bowl’ game with US Veterans, bars and even bowling alley’s tuning out, the not-surprising new story from Wall Street 24/7 reports that the NFL is now ranked #3 among America’s most-hated-companies, along with the Weinstein Company, Monsanto, and Facebook among others.

With their ‘big game’ going on in just hours in the area that is well known as ‘Little Mogadishu’ – the ‘Somali capital’ of the US according to the Star Tribune, PJ Media reported on January 29th that a mosque is quite literally within spitting distance of the US Bank Stadiumin Minneapolis where the ‘big game’ is being held tonight.

And while the Daily Mail has just reported that the entire region has been turned into ‘Fortress Minneapolis’ with the largest security operation in history underway in frigid temperatures with the FBI on high alert to potential extremist threats, a very concerning story just came out from the Star Tribune where we learn that the super bowl live security firm who had been doing background checks for the event was just fired with the global mercenary firm G4S brought in as a replacement.


For those who don’t remember, shooters at two recent ‘mass shooting events’ were both tied to G4S. The Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting was carried out by Omar Matteen who had been employed by G4S  as well as the 2017 church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee  carried out by Emanuel Samson, an immigrant from the Sudan who had an address listed for him that was also an address used by G4S. Might there be ‘a false flag event’ ahead for tonight’s game?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, as we hear in the first video below, Jesus Campos, the security guard of the Las Vegas shooting fame, ALSO had worked for G4S!!!! In this distubring new thread over at Steemit they discuss the possibility of a massive false flag attack at the super bowl as is also echoed in the 2nd video below in which Zack joins Infowars to discuss everything that is now lining up to make this years super bowl be the perfect opportunity for such an event to be carried out.

And now we learn of this sickening story of the Wikipedia pages of numerous Philadelphia Eagle football players, coaches and owners being updated to contain ‘death dates’ of February 4th, today, the day of the super bowl. While Wikipedia can be edited by anybody, why would anybody do such a sickening thing as seen in the screenshot above?


We also recently learned of ‘superb owl’ going viral as reported in this recent CBS Sports story. Reporting that a massive surge in search engine misspellings of the super bowl has led to the phrase ‘superb owl’ spiking soon ahead of the ‘big game’, the sinister looking owl has since found its way into numerous ‘events’ surrounding this years game and as we see in the tweet screenshot above from We Are Q Anon, ‘the owl’ = Moloch.

As has been reported over and over again surrounding past super bowls by the alternative media, the illuminati – occult ties surrounding the game stretches back many years and can be seen in halftime shows as detailed in this Amazon book.

And for those who are unaware of the illuminati symbolism of moloch we get it from a video titled “A Brief History Of The Owl Of Moloch at the Bohemian Grove”:

“The occult ritual is based on the ancient mystery religion ceremonies of the Babylonian Canaanite cult of Moloch fused with ancient Luciferian Druidic rites, mixed with Scottish Rite Freemasonic elements, and it entails burning an effigy of a child at the base of a 40 foot statue of the owl god Ishtar aka Lucifer “


While the Star Tribune reported back in March of 2017 that in Little Mogadishu, “nobody is an outcast”, as Bare Naked Islam reported back in October of 2016, ‘Hillary’s America’ was already there back then with ‘Muslim no-go zones’ already popping up across that region leading us to ask, “nobody is an outcast or just NO Muslims are ‘outcast‘”? And we also remind you that Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison is the representative from that region.

As Steve Quayle just reminded us, this years super bowl is also taking place in the same area that Somali Muslim cop Mohamed Noor shot and killed an innocent and un-armed Australian woman back in July of 2017 after she called police for assistance, a murder that still has yet to be prosecuted. Noor was the first Muslim cop in the region.

If what we have been witnessing over the past several decades has really been an attempt to overthrow the sovereignty of America as even President Trump warned back in this October of 2016 speech, then we’ve long warned that there will likely have to be some kind of ‘final event’ which allows the completion of those many decades of globalist work.

With the ‘deep state’ now in total panic mode as the memo comes out with more coming, the concern of ‘conspiracy theorists’ that they might attempt to pull off ‘the final event’ may soon come to fruition. And with up to or more than 100 million TVs tuning in despite the massive boycott, a tremendous temptation has been presented to the people who orchestrate and carry out such false flags.

And while we’ll pray that this game goes off without a hitch and all of the concerns of ‘an event’ simply overblown warnings, as Steve Quayle warned us in his opening statement seen at the top of this story, “The ultimate self-defense mindset demands that you be where everyone else isn’t – here’s a perfect example of where you don’t want to be in person.”

In the final video below we hear a great explanation of why some believe the super bowl today will be ‘Black Sunday’.

Also of interest though possibly not directly related, according to this May 18th of 2017 story from Judicial Watch, Russia Special Counsel Mueller Worked with Radical Islamist Groups to Purge Anti-Terrorism Training Material Offensive to Muslims.

Things that make you wonder…. (Click to Source)

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