‘Secretive Army of Darkness’ Is Dedicated To The Enslavement, Impoverishment And Extermination Of Every Human On Earth

– Liberals Continue To Push Their ‘Tyranny With A Happy Face’ Agenda Upon America

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

There is a powerful army with tens of millions of soldiers, spread across the Earth and present in virtually every nation, an army dedicated to the enslavement, impoverishment, moral degradation, and eventually the extermination of every human being on Earth…including its own soldiers. It is hidden in plain sight, like most of the secrets of the elites, yet is so secret that most of its own members don’t know that they are soldiers, or even that their army exists. The army has three divisions.

The first division is Islam, a religion supposedly revealed to a merchant named Muhammad living in Mecca in Saudi Arabia in the seventh century. He claimed that the religion was revealed to him by an angel that he encountered while praying (to what?) in a cave. What kind of angel appears underground rather than in the open air? Muhammad’s new religion cobbled together Arabic paganism along with elements of Judaism and Christianity in an apparent effort to make it “sell,” and he built a small army of fanatical followers. When the local Jews refused to convert to his faith, he slaughtered thousands of them and sold the rest into slavery. And ever since Islam has been spread by war and conquest and terrorism.

No other modern religion is responsible for continuous acts of senseless cruelty and mass murder…only Islam. Islam is the only religion that is continually at war with all the others, and, early on, Islam split into the Shia and Sunni factions, who now hate each other as much as they hate Christians, Jews, and everyone else. The new religion spread by conquest across all of the Middle East and North Africa and parts of sub-Saharan Africa. It spread into India and Southeast Asia and Indonesia, and the Ottoman Turks conquered the Byzantine Empire, the last remnant of the original Roman Empire; Constantinople fell on 5/29/1453. Muslims from North Africa conquered Spain, but when they crossed the Pyrenees into what is now France they were crushed in the Battle of Tours on 10/10/732. Later the Turks expanded into Eastern Europe, but were stopped by the Poles, Germans, and Austrians in the Battle of Vienna on 9/12/1683.


Today, senseless acts of terrorism are a daily occurrence; in fact, when the Muslims have no Christians or Jews to butcher, or when the Shias have no available Sunni victims (or vice versa), Shias murder Shias and Sunnis slaughter Sunnis. A Muslim’s gotta do what a Muslim’s gotta do. Muslims enslave their women and practice female genital mutilation and “honor” killings, murdering, for example, their own wives or daughters if they are raped by another man…and radical feminists in the West just love it. In between terrorist bombings, Muslim immigrants commit much of the street crime in Western nations, especially rape and child rape, sometimes aided and abetted by, for example, the British police, who look the other way and refuse even to investigate the crimes.

Leftists continually repeat their mantra claiming that most Muslims are just the most wonderful people on Earth and only a tiny minority are terrorists. It is true that not all Muslims are brave enough or suicidal enough to blow themselves up killing “infidels,” but most of the other Muslims either support terrorism or at least condone it. Where is the outrage from Muslim communities when their co-religionists commit these atrocities? It is no exaggeration to say that the hordes of Muslim invaders that our Western elites have imported into Europe, Canada, and the US are literally destroying Western Civilization. Perhaps that has been the plan all along.

The second division of the Army of Darkness is composed of criminals…individual street thugs, gangs, and drug cartels. Note that they overlap with the first division because Muslims commit so much crime. Criminals of every kind destabilize society, damage the economy, and provide a convenient excuse for federalization of law enforcement, criminalization of almost every act, and the disarmament of the commoners. Never mind that armed citizens are very effective at stopping crime before it happens; ignore the inconvenient fact that almost all mass shootings occur in “gun free” zones. The real agenda is to disarm anyone who might resist tyranny.


And it is the army’s third division that is behind this…the political left. The left aids and abets the other two divisions…it is leftist politicians here in the US and in the EU who have imported Muslims and given them special rights, privileges, and protection, expensive benefits paid for by taxpayers, and even kicked their own citizens out of rental homes and apartments in order to house the invaders. It is leftists who allow Muslim immigrants to spew hatred in their mosques but fine or even jail their own citizens for pointing out the obvious truth. And it is the left that invents rights for street criminals, insisting that they not be executed, giving them probation and parole even when they present a clear danger to honest citizens.

It is leftists who hold candlelight vigils, their tears glistening softly, on those all too rare occasions when a murderer is actually executed. It is leftist politicians who have opened our southern border to Mexican drug cartels and Latin American street gangs. It was Hussein Obama and the smirking Eric Holder who arranged the sale of weapons to the drug cartels…of course, neither of them has been brought to justice…justice in America died a long time ago. Interestingly, the leftist judges who release felons to commit more crimes have no problem imprisoning law abiding Americans for being politically incorrect. The Bundy family was finally released, but what about Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean, railroaded by Bush II? They were finally released, but never pardoned, and their careers and lives were ruined.

The leftists call themselves “liberals” and “progressives,” but, in reality, they are fascists. Understand that communism, beneath all the rhetoric, all the pretty slogans about “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” has always been fascism, and was never intended to be anything else. Nazism and the Italian fascism of Mussolini are not “right wing” ideologies…they are leftist. “Nazi” is the acronym for “National Socialist,” and Mussolini had been a militant socialist since childhood. But what is the origin of this poisonous ideology?


Plato’s Republic, written around 380 B.C., described a city state ruled by a “philosopher king,” not by elected officials. There would be a state-educated ruling elite called “Guardians,” and private property and the nuclear family structure would be abolished. Women would be equal to men, and the state would regulate procreation. Sound familiar? This is the earliest known description of true fascism, but its ultimate origins probably lie much further back, in the time of Atlantis, which was, apparently, the first “Evil Empire.” Fascism re-emerged on 5/1/1776 when Bavarian law professor Adam Weishaupt established the Illuminati. Note that 1776 was also the year of America’s Declaration of Independence, and that May First, or Beltane, was sacred to the pagans and to modern communists with their Mayday parades.

Weishaupt advocated women’s rights and global government, among other things. His code name was “Spartacus,” and German communists in 1918 called themselves “Spartacists.” George Washington warned us about the Illuminati, and, although the Bavariangovernment outlawed the society and banished Weishaupt in 1784, British Prime Ministers Benjamin Disraeli and Winston Churchill also warned of the danger of political secret societies; Churchill specifically stated that the Illuminati were behind communism. US President Woodrow Wilson spoke of a secret power above the government, and FDR stated that bankers pretty much run the world.

The first obvious fascist state in modern times was the Republic established after the French Revolution, which began 5/5/1789. At least 16,000 to 40,000 people, mostly ordinary citizens, and including children, were murdered by the government, especially during the Reign of Terror. The real number is probably much higher. The revolutionaries brutally persecuted Christianity and sought to remake society, even inventing a new system of measurements and renaming the months of the year. From the start, members of the nobility like Count Mirabeau and the son of the Duke of Orleans were involved in this “people’s revolution,” along with many wealthy men. There is no doubt that Freemasons were involved, and most researchers believe that the Illuminati, who had taken over many Masonic lodges, were the real instigators. Fascism would reemerge in the twentieth century under Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others, starting wars and butchering well over a hundred million people. Its central beliefs…collectivism, radical feminism, one world government, etc. …are still advocated by much of America’s ruling elite.


There is much that we don’t know about the real origins of the cult and about the Illuminati power structure near the top of its infernal pyramid. Almost certainly the Freemasons were merely a resurgence of the medieval Knights Templar, but were they evil to begin with or were at least some of them benign? Did the Illuminati create the Masons, or did the Masons create the Illuminati? As the late author and conspiracy researcher Jim Marrs pointed out, there may not even be a single Illuminati order under that name…but powerful people belong to cults like the Masons, Skull and Bones (chapter 322 of a mysterious German order, imported into the US in the 1830s), and the Bohemian Club, which holds meetings at the Bohemian Grove. And all of these groups use similar slogans and occult symbols, like the equal armed red cross and the pentagram.

Sometimes I imagine that, somewhere in the world, perhaps at the headquarters of the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland, or maybe in the Vatican, New York City, Paris, or the City of London there is a heavily-guarded building. Within it is a gloomy, windowless room, with rather strange and unsettling décor. It contains a long table flanked by six chairs on each side, and a much larger chair at one end. From time to time twelve powerful men, most of them bankers, meet in this room. And something else occupies the thirteenth chair, something not human, something that is the ultimate enemy of Man and God. And this thing is the real leader of the left. It inspired Muhammad. And it is the ultimate criminal.  (Click to Source)

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