Democrats Are Under a Spiritual Death Watch Because Liberals Cannot Know Jesus

It is often said that liberalism is a form of mental illness. However, liberalism is much than a behavioral deficit. It also represents a cluster of character flaws that cause one to be separated from the divine creator that we call God and his son and our redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Liberals Have Made a Mess of the World

Isaiah 5:20 encapsulates the demonic cultural condition of much of the world and this would include America. Liberals are Satan’s trolls and their mission is to spread decdeipt and mass suffering among the people.

Liberals do not belong to the body of Christ: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

One of the defacto leaders of the unholy left is undoubtedly Hillary Clinton and Satan’s alter can be found inside of placed like the Clinton Foundation.

At this time of year as many people take stock of their spirituality, some liberals try to hedge their bets and play both ends against the middle. They want to have their cake and to eat it too. Liberals want to maintain their heathen and depraved lifestyles while trying to reap the benefits of being a Christian and they only do that on days where it personally benefits them. A blind man cannot see, and a deaf man cannot hear, and a liberal will never be saved. And for all the misery the liberals bring to our world and our country, we can take comfort that we serve a just God and the Lake of Fire will be the final reward for the unrepentant liberals.

Why Liberals Will Never Know Jesus

Here are a few undeniable facts about liberals that they do not like to wear on their liberal sleeves.

The Liberal Mantra

I am pro-choice. Yes, I murder innocent people when it is convenient and the younger the victims, the better. I support child-trafficking and try to bend the laws to change the perception of this heinous crime. My leaders are named Soros and Clinton.

I am a supporter of gay marriage & the LGBTQ+ community. To many from this demographic, it is not enough that our society protects their civil liberties and honestly seeks to prevent any persecution, as it should. It is not enough that we Christians leave the final judgment to the Lord. However, for many in this classification, that is not enough. With the support of liberals, many from this group seek dominance and their unholy views, and they do so under the banner of political correctness, as we are forced to glorify these non-Christian practices to the exclusion of our own Christian beliefs and ways. The very practices that are based upon the notion of one man, one woman bonded together by the Word of God are under attack. People are losing their jobs for espousing the beliefs associated with traditional marriage. The Left gets to act with impunity. They deny the right of legal and personal tolerance that they claim was denied to them for so many years.

Please allow me to interject some reality to this debate: At the end of the day, we don’t live in a world with 97 genders and those that believe that are delusional. One man, one woman, one marriage, others operate on their own world paradigm at their own spiritual risk.

I am a liberal which today means, “I get to keep what I got, but I want to help myself to what you have as well”. This is why the Democrats, the epitome of liberalism, opposed President Trump’s tax plan. They don’t want you to have more money in your pocket as they believe it belongs to their entitlement programs.

I am left. This is an euphemism for the right to disobey the rule of law, starting with God’s laws as handed down to Moses. Liberals become their own God, and they are the self-appointed deity that the 10 Commandments warned us not to serve (ie false Gods).

I PRETEND to be a Christian at election time. Christianity is villified by the left. It is mocked by the liberals, until it comes to get the votes of the Godly. Then they actually kneel as they pretend to pray. The question is, what direction are they praying to?

Friendly liberals often begin by redefining Jesus himself. Quests for the “historical Jesus” seek to distinguish the Jesus of history from the Christ of faith.

This approach commonly denies that Jesus is fully God, without qualification. To a liberal, Jesus is only “divine” when the teachings of the Lord can be misused to make the scriptures say something that they most certainly do not.

The Word of the Lord commands us to surrender to Jesus and to follow him. A liberal is their own God and can only follow their own selfish motives. The best example I can offer is what the Democractic, liberal support for Planned Parenthood allows for when they engage in the murder of innocent babies, detach their body parts and sell them for profit. If there is a better definition for evil, liberal evil, I cannot find it.


It is at this time of year, I give thanks to the Lord for giving me the wisdom to not be a liberal. Everything that I write about, talk about and share with my audience is centered around the fight between good and evil, between the God of the Bible and Satan.

I praise the Lord for giving me eyes to see the beauty of His glory and ears to hear his unbroken promises of salvation.

Merry Christmas to the world from The Common Sense Show. To all the liberals that are ultimately headed down the path of self-destruction, I would like to invite you to join the team that offers eternal life and the promise of spiritual salvation. However, to join us and experience the full benefit of being a Christian, you will likely have to disavow your liberalism and leave the Democratic party. You cannot serve Hillary and George Soros while claiming to be following Jesus. (Click to Source)

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