Death Toll From Islamist Attack In Egypt Now Exceeds 300


In one of the largest single terror attacks in modern Middle East history, over 300 Sufi Muslims were killed when approximately 30 Islamic terrorists carried out a coordinated attack on the al Rawdah Sufi mosque in Egypt.  Among the dead are at least 27 children.

The attack bears striking similarities to other ISIS or ISIS-affiliated attacks, although the group has not yet claimed responsibility.  Some are suggesting this might have been the deadliest terror attack in Egyptian history and there is little doubt from geopolitical commentators that the attack will further cement the growing Egyptian-Israeli-Saudi Arabian axis as a bulwark against both radical Sunni Islam and the creeping influence of Shia Iran.
I’ve never seen circumstances so ripe for a peace agreement in the Middle East.  Egyptian and Saudi Arabian leaders are growing weary of the political instability in the region and weary of the insecurity and threats from the more radical elements of their religion.  They finally recognize that Israel poses no threat and that making peace with the country will only better their own security and influence.
There is no doubt in my mind that this attack will provide further impetus for Egypt and Saudi Arabia to pressure the Palestinian Authority to agree to Trump’s peace plan once unveiled this year or early next year. (Click to Source)
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