Torah Commentary – Tol’dot (History) – The Battle Still Rages – SCRIPTURES FOR November 18, 2017

Torah Commentary
Tol’dot (History)
Genesis 25:19-28:9
Malachi 1:1-2:7
Romans 9:6-16
Hebrews 11:20; 12:14-17


The Battle Still Rages
There are two areas of this Torah portion I would like to expound on this week. In the end the two will tie together as a theme.
The first area to cover is the words of Rivkah (Rebecca). She is found to be barren. Yitzchak prayed for her and she became pregnant. It was not long into her pregnancy that the two boys in her womb began to fight. Let’s stop right here and consider, what these boys were fighting about? Was it because they were uncomfortable in their cramped living quarters and trying to find a bit of room? Absolutely not! It was not a physical fight, but rather a spiritual fight for the position of the Malki-Tzedek priesthood of the first born. This is, by the way a theme which runs from cover to cover in Scripture. Ya’akov and Esav’s fight was so fierce that Rivkah desired to die instead of continuing as the womb of this battle.
Here is a point for each of us to consider. We too are like Rivkah in that two seeds are battling within us. Paul called these two natures. This is the same principal and is one which we all deal with on a daily basis. It is evident to me by my own life and talking with many elders through the years that we are not going to, in this lifetime, reach some magical day in which the fight inside us ceases. The option many people take is hinted in the words of Rivkah, words of surrender to the battle instead of continuing to fight.
Herein lays a place of soul searching we must do. Is there a place, a time, an event in our future in which we will say the fight is too much for us and quit? Consider it this way. What would it take for you to throw in the towel and quit the fight? Be careful in the answer and within the answer consider 1Corinthians 10:12, “Therefore, let anyone who thinks he is standing up be careful not to fall!” Let us keep in mind that winning the battle is not about our strength, but rather His strength in us. As for Rivkah, she found HaShem’s strength and in the end has the testimony to prove it. May the same be true for each of us.
The second area to look at happens after the two boys are adults. The account is very familiar to all of us. It is about the red stew. That is not really true. It is not about stew, but rather the birthright. Esav had won the race from the womb and the birth right was his. He never cared about it. He never walked in it. To him it was just a trophy on the wall which no longer had meaning. To Ya’akov it meant everything and he was determined to do whatever necessary to have the birthright as well as the blessings and responsibilities that went along with it. In the end, Ya’akov would not steal the birthright as he has been accused of, but rather he would barter for it, fair and square.
Here is our second point to consider. Just what does it mean for us today to walk in the birthright? Is it about relationship with our Creator, walking in the redemption offered to us? Is it about our being a priest in service unto Him and an example of Him unto others? The answer is “yes” to all the above and so much more. So what is that birthright worth to you? Is it something worth fighting for and protecting at all costs? I can only answer for myself.
Here is the theme of this week’s Torah portion, fight for what is being offered to us. Fight and never be willing to compromise the inheritance which has been afforded us. I’ll state it this way. In this life we must always remember that we are not on a playground, but rather on a battleground. The battle being fought is for your very soul. Not something to play games with! (Click to Source)
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