October 26, 2017

warning has been issued for the potential of a large earthquake as a result of a deep seismic event which occurred in the West Pacific.

The warning only covers this coming week (approximately 7-9 days).

As things stand currently (Oct. 26, 2017) ,  over the past 48 hours, multiple deep earthquakes have occurred below the West Pacific, including Indonesia, Japan’s Izu trench, Fiji, and South America.

This deep earthquake activity indicates the whole of the Pacific plate has been displaced, and will be compensating over the next week with larger seismic activity.

Going forward over this week (next 7-10 days), areas such as the Northwest Coast of the United States / Canada, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Central America, and multiple locations across South America should be impacted by increased seismic activity at each named location.

We are expecting at least 1 magnitude increase at each named location, and looking for the potential of a M7.7 to M8.7 as a result of the deep M6.7 which occurred below Indonesia.

The West coast of the United States is on watch for midrange M5.0 to lower M6.0 earthquake activity near the coast of Oregon + Northwest California, then to be followed by larger activity going to near M4.0 (or larger) in the midwest United States fracking operations across central Oklahoma.

There are several locations which should show noteworthy movement outside of the United States, including Southern Europe, and Asia.

Southern Europe should see a noteworthy increase in activity over the course of this week, expecting at least a 1 magnitude increase going to M5.0 in the Southern Mediterranean (Greece / Turkey), followed by Italy and Bosnia / Albania to be struck yet once again by another near M5.0 event(s).

Central America + South America will be directly impacted at the “tips” of both large red arrows shown in the video.  Those arrows point to the border of Ecuador / Columbia, as well as to near Valpariso Chile / Argentina.  Both Northern and Southern South America should be heavily impacted this week as a result of the pressure transfer across the Pacific .

Asia should be struck between India and Myanmar with earthquakes larger than anything which has struck in the past several weeks, meaning at least M5.2 or greater should strike the border region between India / Nepal / Myanmar.

The middle East should also be struck by what comes out of Asia, thus a M5.2 or greater in Asia can cause M5.0+ activity in Iran.

Have a plan this week for the large earthquake potential, don’t be scared – be prepared. (Click to Source)

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