The Head Was Born on Tabernacles So, Will the Body also be? Tabernacles.


{ Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot: Falls somewhere between Wednesday, October 4th/5th – Thursday, October 11th/12th }

This is what the watch is all about. You keep on looking for him and wondering and watching! So, let us reason. Let us see if there is any other reasonable time frame that could be the birth of the baby from the Revelation 12 sign fulfilled on September 23. 2017. The sign of this birth that we just saw in the Heavens that had been preset for us by God so many many years ago. Just one of many signs he set for us while he was creating. So lovingly painted on the canvas of the starry sky by him so that we would be able to look at it and read his story. A story in the stars given before his written word to us. Below is a compilation of videos and articles for you to consider. I find it extremely interesting. After watching and reading I am drawn into re-visiting an old book I got by JR Church and co authored by Gary Stearman titled: The Mystery of the Menorah and the Hebrew Alphabet. I am going to read it with fresh eyes now.

Did you realize or remember that Jesus was born on The Feast of Tabernacles? Through our studies we know that Jesus is the head of his church body (head of the baby) and we are the body (body of the baby). Because of the Revelation 12 sign we all were on high watch from Rosh Hashanah until Yom Kippur for the completion of that birth via the rapture of the body to meet the head. Of course, those feast days have passed. So we go back to our daily watch again. However, I feel like we should still be on our HIGH watch. Now, not only do we still watch daily, we can also set our eyes on Tabernacles as a POSSIBILITY (note I say possibility and not absolutely, sad we must clarify that now days as a watchman). Anyhoo, the very first video I am providing is by Pastor Sandy from Soldiers For Christ Community Church. It is a bit rough and not as smooth a recording as his other videos but please stay with it and hear him out until the very end. Keep watching with that child like wonder. Keep looking as you would when you have been waiting so long for a missed loved one who is coming back to you for the holidays. Keep watching, and looking up!!!! (Click to Site)

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