Could We Have The Wrong Day?


Everyone is talking about September 23rd and for good reason, but could the fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign actually occur the next day on the 24th?  I offer this only to examine the possibility that we could be off by a day.  Here is the September 23rd alignment that we are all well acquainted with by now:

The Greek is clear that the Moon must be under the feet of the woman and sure enough that’s what we see if we consider the woman to be lying horizontally, but could there be a more perfect alignment?  Check out how the alignment will appear on the morning of Sunday, September 24th.  This is from the perspective of someone in Jerusalem facing directly due east:

To be clear, I believe the alignment on September 23rd satisfies the requirements in the text, but it looks like September 24th is even more precise:

1. The Moon is directly under the woman’s feet in the constellation Libra (Scales/Justice).

2. The alignment is aligned vertically and almost exactly due east.

3. Regulus, Mercury, Mars, and Venus become equally spaced and the “crown” sits more firmly on Virgo’s head.

4. The Sun rests directly on Virgo’s shoulder.

5. The crescent of the Moon is slightly more visible and is facing the woman’s feet whereas on the 23rd the crescent is facing away from her feet.

The image above is how the alignment will appear at 10:30 AM in Israeli time, which would be 3:30 AM on the east coast of the United States (Luke 12:38 hints that Jesus might appear in the second or third watch of the night).  The fact that this occurs Sunday morning is also interesting considering that Jesus was raised to life early on a Sunday and Christians flock to church on Sunday.  Jupiter, which symbolizes the male child of Revelation 12:5, will actually appear to rise from the earth on the 24th (resurrection and rapture, anyone?).  It’s also notable that 24 is the number of elders who symbolize the glorified Church in Heaven in Revelation 4.

This in no way debunks September 23rd, but it’s an interesting and overlooked possibility.  At this point I think there is enough ambiguity between the 23rd and 24th that we can’t really know the exact day or hour of this sign’s exact alignment.  September 20th through 24th will be the highest watch that I’ve ever experienced.  (Click to Site)

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