What Puerto Rico Teaches Us About Being Prepared


Please read this carefully: One hundred percent of the power is offline in Puerto Rico. If we want to know what the effects of an EMP would be, Puerto Rico is an excellent laboratory. At least in Puerto Rico there is the hope that power will be quickly restored to critical services (eg hospitals, etc.). The only reason that the people of Puerto Rico can expect to  have power restored is because they are being served by Americans who already have power. However, if an EMP attack were to take out the national grid, there would be no rescue and the effects could last as long as a generation or longer.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin has information, from a high-level, deep-cover source that private government contractors are feversihly preparing for an EMP attack, presumably from North Korea. The crews are reportedly working 14 hour days an are not even making a significant dent. Their primary mission is to harden military assets. The expectation is that if the US was struck by an EMP, an invasion, presumably from China or China/Russia would follow. As an aside, if America wants to know what it is like to be attacked and occupied, I suggest watching Amazon Prime’s, The Man in the High Castle.

I am processing the Martin interview at the end of this week and this interview will be published on both the Youtube and the website of The Common Sense Show.

Since you are not considered to be necessary to national security, your life and your resources will not be shielded from the effects of an EMP. Therefore, what can you expect happen in the event of an EMP attack? More importantly, is there anything that can be done to lessen the impact? The following paragraphs address this issue.

Where Prepping Begins

If people do not prepare to weather the coming global elite sponsored storms, then that person is preparing to become a statistic. The bare minimum that people should have in order to survive what is coming would consist of food, water, gold, guns, ammunition and medicine. However, each of these products comes with a caveat.

Recognized experts are predicting that an EMP strike that would wipe out electricity across the nation would ultimately lead to the deaths  of 90% of the population, according to Naval War College simulations. In part, the reasons for the high mortality are embedded in the following.


Anyone who uses the term “prescriptions” need to change their thinking. In a dire situation, you will not be able to stock up. You will be limited the meds you have on hand. Eaveryone on medication needs to find an alternative that is natural and that can be stockpiled.  This is why I use Health Masters (coupon code CSS5).

I have documented on several occasions how I have subsituted natural care for medical care. It works better, is affordable and you can legally horde the medications. You should already be doing this. For example, there are supplements that lower blood sugar (diabetes), however, the corresponding big pharma prescriptions are dangerous to your health and frequently cause heart attacks.

Those with chronic condition are particularily at risk and preparation should be an ongoing concern, crisis, or no crisis.


In this kind of a crisis, your paper money will be totally worthless. Those who plan to survive, need to immediately begin to accumulate precious metals. If you cannot afford to buy previous metals, then your default position should be to buy food. However, if you have more than 4 months of savings in the bank, you are being foolish. Convert this soon-to-be worthless cash to gold.

I use Steve Quayle’s Renaissance Precious Metals. Those that come out the other side of the crisis with a medium of exchange that will be univesally accepted, are going to be far better off. If you are interested in obtaining precious metals from someone I trust, call Steve Quayle (406-586-4842).


In the aftermath of Hurrican Harvey, I received this email from  a listerner to the radio show.

Dear Dave,

Thank you for the wonderful servive that you are providing for people. During the storm we were isolated, but as long as our roof was in place, we knew we’d be safe. We were prepared to survive because of the information I learned from the great guests that you have on your show.  We did not have a lot but we had enough. Keep up your great work and may God bless you and your family. 


Melissa Huggins

This is why I do this work. We cannot choose what evil plot will come our way. However, you can make a choice, like the one that Melissa did, to survive. I think Harvey, Irma, Maria and Jose should stand as a reminder that there is no substitute for survival preparation. (Click to Site)

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