WITCH DOCTOR – Black witch claims she can cure people of CANCER by talking to demons and making pacts with Satan


Black Witch S – also known as Savannah – says she has transformed the lives of thousands of her followers through ‘very powerful’ black magic

A WITCH claims she can help cure people from diseases including CANCER by talking to demons and making pacts with Satan.

Black Witch S, real name Savannah,  practises black magic – or the “Left Hand Path” – which she says has transformed the lives of thousands of her students and followers.

Savannah, 46, claims she recently helped to “heal” a 23-year-old Los Angeles police officer from acute Stage 4 leukaemia by talking to her “demon guide” Astaroth.

There is no medical evidence to suggest she has actually cured anyone – but that has not stopped five million people visiting her website this year alone.

She says she has helped to heal a member of her coven who had a brain operation using a voodoo doll.

And the witch added that she has healed various members of her family including her grandmother, who was given just two months to live.

The mum-of-three, who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, told Sun Online that she began helping the young man with leukaemia after his mother wrote to her and asked her for help.

She says she helped the woman make a “pact with Lucifer” to heal her son – before carrying out various spells on the young man herself.

Savannah said: “The mother of the 23-year-old wrote to me and asked me what I could do to help because the prognosis was not good. Her son was an LA police officer and the case really hit home for me because I have a son around the same age.”

“I knew I had to act very urgently in his case.

“One thing you can do for healing is get a voodoo doll and bring that doll to life by making it in an image of the person you want to heal.

“Then you call out to your spiritual connection and ask for them to look after the person. You can put different stones around the doll to make a protection vortex.

“Because of the serious nature what he was going through I also used group magic which is extremely powerful. I asked all the students on my ‘Working with Demons’ course to pray  – asking for this young life to be saved.

“Then I connected psychically to this young man and I filled up his aura with healing energy.

“I also connected to my spirit guide Astaroth – a demon who uses the power of Lucifer – sometimes known as Satan.” Soon afterwards, the police officer’s mother posted on Savannah’s website Blackwitchcoven that her son was in remission from cancer and doctors were stunned.

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote: “I knew in my heart that my son was healed immediately the night the Pact with Lord Lucifer was accepted by His Greatness.

“But getting past the cancer researchers/physicians was a difficult, slow task, since they insisted on more and stronger chemotherapy for my son (I realised that not only spell work alone would bring instant healing but working along with physicians AND a great spirit would be necessary).

“During every painful horrific procedure endured by my son after my Pact was accepted I used faith in Lucifer, picturing him standing in the corner of the operating room, or hovering next to my son’s bedside …And even though the treatments caused my son to go into sudden cardiac arrest, actually dying before my eyes on June 28, 2017, I watched as powerful Lord Lucifer guide the crash team of the cancer treatment facility as they frantically worked for about 5 minutes on my son’s dead body.

“Yes! My son was revived with absolutely zero damage or residual problems. Most of the physicians were astonished. My beautiful son is now in remission.”

Trained doctors would usually recommend chemotherapy and radiotherapy along with other treatments for cancer patients.

Savannah concedes that some may be sceptical of her claims but insists they are true – saying that demons are “extremely powerful”.

“It’s an absolutely true story I’ve spoke to the woman – she is a nurse and is a very steady minded, ethical woman,” she said.

“Her story is 100 percent true and it’s not the first case I’ve heard of a 100 per cent turnaround. I’m not going to say ‘I did it’ but I put actions into place so the spiritual world heard our calling and decided what they wanted to do with this boy’s soul.

“There’s cases of this all the time – it’s not just a one-off.

“It is very powerful and everybody has this ability. We’re just connecting to this energy and receiving these answers that are already out there through our sixth sense – we just have to ask. It’s amazing. As well as healing spells, Savannah teaches people how to use demonic spells to gain money, power, revenge or success.

She says 10 to 20 people a week contact her for private consultations and thousands more watch her YouTube spell tutorials on everything from how to break up a couple to making money.

And Savannah says black magic has completely transformed her life – allowing her to lead a great lifestyle and travel the world – she currently lives between Sydney, Thailand, Hawaii and New Orleans.

But she warned that the “Left Hand Path” can be dangerous – and said she had seen people become obsessed with it – and left like “zombies”.

“This kind of magic can be dangerous because if you dabble in it and don’t know what you are doing it can attract lower level spirits or entities – what I call parasites,” she explained.

“They can attach themselves to you or lurk in the corners of your home causing mischief.

“These are the ones that cause real trouble for people they can cause things like depression or make people do things that don’t serve them.

“I always say you shouldn’t do magical acts inside your home if you have young children because children are more open to connecting to the spiritual world through their sixth sense and imagination.

“People can also become overly immersed in magic – it becomes very addictive because it’s so powerful.

“People become like zombies following this – and they get delusions of grandeur where they think they are magically very special.”

Savannah admits that she has used her magic for darker purposes – including revenge – but insists it’s not always a bad thing.

She says she has “done everything” in terms of revenge to people who have harmed her and her family – including putting a “generational curse” on one enemy.

“It’s better to do revenge magically than what it is to do revenge in the real world where it is illegal,” she said.

“It’s healthy for you because psychologically your acting out and then you get closure on the things that you are obsessing about in your mind.

“You’re not doing it because you’re a bad person – it’s a consequence of the actions of another person.

“I don’t hate many people but there’s two people who were causing a lot of harm to me and my family and I’ve taken the worst kind of revenge of these people but I do it with confidence – if I had seen those people in the street I would have stepped over them if they had fallen down.

“I made bad things happen to them – health-wise and psychological.

“For one person who caused me lots of damage I did a generational curse, which affects their soul in the past and in the future.”

While there are no numbers on how many people practice demonology or black magic, Paganism is one of the fastest growing religions after Islam with an estimated 2 million followers in the USA – and 50,000 in the UK.

While more and more people are turning to the occult, Savannah says black magic is still not acceptable – and she comes under fire from people opposed to her methods.

“People can be very critical of what I do,” she explained. “It’s not acceptable.”

“Wicca is becoming more acceptable but the left hand path and talking to demons is not acceptable at all.

“But the occult is not about going out there and making sure everyone agrees with what you are doing.”  (Click to 

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