Hocus POTUS: CA Witch Talks Casting Monthly ‘Binding’ Spell on Trump

Tucker Carlson spoke with Amanda Yates Garcia, the “Oracle of Los Angeles,” who participates in a monthly sorcery session to cast a “binding” spell on President Trump.

Garcia said the spell is not intended to hurt the president, but instead to prevent him from hurting others.

“Binding spells are symbolic actions used to harness the powers of the imagination and achieve an intangible result,” she said.

“I desire that Trump stop harming people that I care about and instituting policies that also harm me,” she said.

Garcia said she and other witches are concerned about a possible “nuclear extravaganza” with North Korea, and said Trump is being “mean” to her immigrant neighbors.

Carlson asked if such actions were legal, and Garcia said her actions are no less “symbolic” than standing for the “Star-Spangled Banner” or saluting the flag.

Garcia said she hopes her spells will help “galvanize” a resistance toward Trump’s perceptively dangerous policies.

“Most people just go ahead and vote or buy a t-shirt,” Carlson said. (Click to Site)

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