BRIGHT SPARK Mystery flashes of light spotted over Los Angeles leave locals baffled as they say ‘it looks like aliens’

The bizarre lights appeared in the California sky earlier this month much to the confusion of watching natives


LOCALS in Los Angeles have been baffled by bizarre lights appearing in the California sky.

Videos emerged of flashes in the night sky unaccompanied by thunder causing bemusement amongst the residents of the City of Angels.

Locals in Los Angeles were baffled by the appearance of flashes of light in the night sky

YouTuber Kevin Mize sharing the video online, on September 9, after being puzzled by the ethereal sky sparks.

He said: “Strange lights definitely not lightning with no thunder accompanying this.

“This went on for at least a half hour through the clouds looking east from our front yard in Granada Hills.

“Please shed some light here that definitely looks extra terrestrial.”

One commentor suggested: “Yeah I seen it last night might be a weather cloud or military doing some weapon test.”

Another added: “I was in East LA this evening maybe an hour ago and saw them again, I saw them last night as well.

“It’s in the clouds for sure one set of clouds to be specific.

“The weather has been really lovely the past few days. 80’s and clear skies since the heat wave broke last week.

“Wouldn’t doubt with all the crazy happenings around the world, something/spirit is speaking to us. Anyone know Morse code?”

But one reassured Kevin saying: “That is just a lightning storm. you can’t hear anything because you’re way far away from it and sometimes these lightning strikes don’t even produce any sounds.”

People watching the flashes can be heard discussing them in the background.

One says: “It really looks like a horror movie, with aliens.” (Click to Site)

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