Montana Snow About 60 Days Early


Montana Snow About 60 Days Early

By Chet Walker

I live south of Missoula, Montana, in the Sapphire & Bitterroot Mountains at 3,500 ft; in the area being discussed, and we haven’t been getting snow like this for several years. Our hunting seasons have been without snow quite regularly and last year we didn’t get ANY snow until the last few days of the season in late November. However the winter snow sticks around here until early August at higher altitude (6,000 ft+).

So, it’s about 60 days early, and with this the bow hunters might stop complaining about terrible tracking conditions without SNOW. Animals leave tell-tale tracks in the snow to follow their movements.

The real change has been the temperature and seasonal shift. What used to take several weeks to change from blistering hot to a cooler fall season has turned into an OVERNIGHT event. Even with hot days (80s & 90s), the nights are dropping into the mid to low forties. This summer has been like the Sahara and then overnight NOW it’s cold-drizzly-wet old London, and then our next day is followed by northern Norway. We could turn around of course and go back to the Sahara for a couple of weeks, but if the snow sticks and keeps advancing down the mountainsides then the shift to winter will have deleted our having any FALL season.

Sometimes we get an Indian Summer; a reprieve with sun & heat in early November, but they have become all but scarce events.

It’s very early to get this kind of snow, however (trying to be positive) we do need it to possibly dampen and put out some of the high-mountain fires that have been allowed to go unchecked. Global warming nonsense is only a political expedient …try living here in the cold reality. (Click to Site)

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