Hillary Clinton Compares Herself To An Incestuous Murderer In Book While Hinting At ‘Fiery Vengeance On All Who Wronged Her’

– As ‘Clinton Body Count’ Keeps Going Up And Up And Up, The Crazy Witch Just Won’t Go Away


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or DieIn this Wednesday story over at the Daily Mail they report that Hillary Clinton bizarrely claims in her new book “What Happened” that she was shamed by Trump crowds like the character Cersei on the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ who was punished for incest and regicide before “wreaking her fiery vengeance on all who wronged her”.

While thankfully (for the sake of our souls and our eyes and those of the entire world), Trump supporters only shouted ‘Guilty! Guilty!’at the evil witch rather than following through upon what crowds did on the HBO show to Cersei (which was to strip her naked and throw rotten food at her), no matter what America seems to do, the evil witch will not go away.

While many of us had prayed that once President Trump finished dismantling Hillary in November, that would be the last we’d hear from the rotten scoundrel and she’d simply ‘blow away’ like ‘dust in the wind’, her name keeps popping up all across the news cycles recently with the release of her new book (in which she blames EVERYBODY but the ‘wicked witch in the mirror’ for her loss).


Will Hillary, like Cersei, soon attempt to dish out her ‘fiery vengeance’ upon those she feels ‘wronged her’? The fact that Amazon has deleted countless one star reviews of her book proves she’s already got her nasty claws dug in deeply. And as we’ve reported time and again on ANP, between the deaths of Seth Rich, Peter W. SmithKlaus Eberwein and 2 potential witnesses in DNC vote fixing lawsuit in 2017 alone, the ‘Clinton/DNC body count’ keeps on growing.

And if we’re to read this DM story correctly which details Hillary’s book and her blaming of Bernie Sanders, women, Democrats, deplorables and anybody but ‘the creature in her mirror’ for her loss in November, Clinton has already planned out her ‘fiery vengeance’ upon America.  The names of those who’ve sold away their souls while selling out America, yes, treason, begin with Hillary – who’s been ‘tightening the screws upon the American people’ for many years now. Just ask Vince Foster, US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, USFS officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty for starters.

Will the evil witch use Kim Jong Un and North Korea’s nuclear weapons, which they only have due to very poor decisions made by her husband Bill, Bush and Obama, to launch a ‘false flag attack’ to ‘take down America’? We should all be watching for her, Bill, Obama and the rest of the America-hating globalists to take trips overseas during the same time period as a possible sign of such a ‘false flag’ attack upon America coming.

Just to get another glimpse into her character, as Politico reported back in June of 2017, even many Democrats hate Hillary and after reading this recent story from Breitbart in which we learn Hillary admitted to wanting to make voodoo dolls of reporters and lawmakers who were against her and stick them with needles (Ouch! What was that?), its easy to see the massive disaster that America (and the world!) dodged by electing Donald Trump president.

Just imagine the absolute catastrophe that could have been caused had the ‘voodoo witch’ (who already has a ‘massive body count’ following her around) gotten her bloody, evil hands on the nuclear codes!


With North Korea once again threatening ‘darkness’ and ‘ashes’ upon America while Hillary is apparently pledging vengeance upon those who’ve ‘wronged her’, is she so evil she could be capable of attempting to ‘take down America’ and all of those within this country who she blames for her sitting at home now, rather than at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

First, from the Daily Mail story in which Hillary bizarrely compared herself to an incestuous murderer.:

Clinton’s comparison suggests that Cersei is a sympathetic character however, despite the fact that she is being punished for committing incest and murder.

Cersei also retaliates later on by blowing up the temple where her foes were gathered, resulting in the death of her son’s bride, who was at that time queen.

She also had the nun who shamed her tortured and then killed by ‘The Mountain‘ her giant bodyguard.


And while some President Trump supporters are screaming ‘traitor’ at the President while ‘Amnesty Don’ trended #1 on twitter in the Washington DC area after his recent meeting with Nancy Pelosi and ‘Chucky’ Schumer over DACA, we’ll stand by our previous statement that ‘even a bad day with President Trump is better than a good day would have been with Hillary in office’ as more and more proof comes out about just how batsh*t crazy Hillary really is.

As Breitbart reports in this new story, according to Hillary, the dystopian future book “1984” teaches the public we SHOULD trust ‘our leaders, the press and experts’, who clearly know much better about what’s good for us than we ourselves do. Uh…yeah, right. Yet the evil witch has so much blood on her hands, she would have made Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin proud.

While we have no love for ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli, after a recent joke by Shkreli on Facebook about evil Hillary and the never-ending ‘body count’ that surrounds her and the Clinton Foundation, his $5 million bail was revoked by federal judge Kiyo Matsumoto who declared him a ‘danger to society’ after he put out the following post.


Is judge Matsumoto simply ANOTHER paid Clinton Foundation shill? The fact that Hillary is still walking upon this planet as a free woman, despite the never-ending series of crimes committed by her and the Clinton Foundation that would have sent ‘Joe-ordinary-American’ to prison for many, many years, proves to us America is broken, and many believe beyond repair.

IF there are TWO justice systems in America, one for the ‘elite’ and one for ‘the rest of us’, then there is no TRUE justice in America! While Hillary’s unsecured server was putting the entire country of America in danger according to Donald Trump back in 2016, and she walked, an American was getting arrested for weed in this country every 51 seconds.

Justice? Yeah, right. More like Hillary is ABSOLUTE PROOF America has become a mockery of it!

And while some Trump supporters are threatening ‘rebellion’ against him if he ‘stabs the America that voted for him’ in the back by completely doing an ‘about face’ and embracing the immigration policy of Barack Obama, a policy touted by Hillary herself, as we see in the top rated comment below from this Breitbart story titled “Steve King: If Reports Correct ‘Trump Base Is Blown Up, Destroyed, Irreparable’“, we’ll still take President Trump over Hillary any day.RobL_v2 • 10 hours ago Not just the base, the country will be blown up! Amnesty for any just invites millions more invaders. It rewards crime, diminishes the meaning of Citizenship, erodes our sovereignty.

Jeezus H… College Park Maryland just authorized (without the consent of the governed mind you) any resident in the city can vote in city elections. Imagine that stupidity 1000 fold… That is what amnesty yields.

This is like Obama continuing his treason after he got pummeled in the 2014 election saying he’s doing it on behalf of the 150 million who didn’t vote. Trump won because millions of us voted to end the treason. Now he is sticking a knife in our backs.

Dems coming at our thought, Trump unifying RINOs to knife our backs. MAVA Make America Venezuela Again

Treason if a Dem does it, Treason if Trump does it.

I voted for Trump because I believed he was a patriot, not a traitor.

You tread on us Trump at your peril.


While such back stabbing of the American people who voted for him by President Trump could ensure a landslide Democratic victory in 2020 and bring about the ‘final end to America’ as we know it, as we’ve continued to see in decisions made by President Trump in 2017, America IS better off with him in office than we would have been with Hillary.

While we understand why some may be upset by reports that Trump had caved on DACA, in this new story over at the Daily Mail they report that NO deal has been reached unlike what many, even Breitbart, had previously reported.

And as we see in the delightful tweet screenshot below, even President Trump was ‘trolling’ Hillary on twitter.

With that, we pray that God can keep President Trump on His direction for to do otherwise would be disastrous.

As we hear in the 1st video below, top Democrats (including Hillary now in her new book!) have admitted their allegiance to witchcraft and as we hear in the 2nd video below, more and more evidence is emerging that top globalists have sold their souls to evil and have long been attempting to corrupt the rest of humanity.

The final video below is beyond words and helps to prove what has been reported in this story.


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