The danger of dark forces

Americans are being warned that the increasing popularity of New Age spiritualism and the growing interest in such things as mediums, séances, and “contact” with loved ones who have died are, in reality, the occult in operation.


“The Medium” – a TV show about a crime-solving psychic – ran for six seasons on NBC and CBS. A police chief in Rhode Island refers grieving people to a local psychic after he says he “connected” with his dead brother. There’s even a Wiccan church in New York’s Hudson Valley that’s gone public.

Christian apologist and educator Dr. Alex McFarland issues a message of warning to those who might be drawn to such things. “This is very, very dangerous – very dangerous indeed, because the Bible says that Satan masquerades as an angel of light, but he’s a deceiver and a destroyer,” he begins.

“There are dark forces – the Bible calls them demons – that have one thing on their agenda, and that’s the condemnation of souls: that people die without Christ, that people become ensnared in dark, demonic forces.”

As for those who are longing to talk to a deceased family member?

“People who are bereaved and … think that a medium can help them contact a departed loved one, they may get a message, they may hear a voice or something,” he states, “but I assure you, it is not, it is not their loved one.” (Click to Site)

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