The Equifax Breach – Sinister Implications

Transparant light sensor microchip resting on a fingertip

Could the Equifax breach be the precursor for something far more sinister?
The recent Equifax revelation that the personal information of 143 million Americans has been stolen by hackers is a catastrophic event.
In perspective, that is 44% of the United States citizens.  (Ponder that for a moment)
Right now, Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and full credit history of almost half of the country is in the hands of criminals.
In my household, my husband and my teenage son are among the number.  My child will face the threat of identity theft for the rest of his life… unless some fundamental change is made to identify and control credit, that is.
What better rationale and logical reason to put forth than to “protect” people from identity theft?  Simply have this invisible tattoo or chip on your hand… then you can buy and sell in complete safety.
The implant technology is there, it simply faces resistance from the public in what a recent Fortune article called, the “Ick Factor”.  What is more likely is some sort of biometric security mechanism that faces none of the public angst that implants do (source).  Afterall, how many iPhone users scan their thumb print dozens of times a day?
Imagine with me for a moment, a world which is thrown into financial chaos with the disappearance of millions of people.  Identities have already been compromised and with millions gone, there is no conceivable way to know if the person standing before the bank teller is the real Mary Smith or if Mary Smith is one of the millions who has disappeared.
It just doesn’t even seem far fetched any longer.

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