Prophetic Significance of Israel’s Massive Air Strikes in Syria


We have had it pounded into our heads that even though there will be many signs around us… the KEY to end time prophecy is Jerusalem. We been told to watch Jerusalem, watch Israel. Well Amir knows Israel as well as anybody and I urge you listen to what he has to say about the recent military action which has taken place over there.

Listen to the seriousness in his voice.
Listen to the words he uses.
Listen to how close he seems to think we are to the rapture.

Amir has been somewhat outspoken about the Revelation 12 Sign, but don’t let that stop you from hearing what he has to say on this important matter.  Everything seems to be converging and it is impossible to keep up, but this info is a key piece of the puzzle…check it out. (Click to Site)

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