Google Feels The Pain For Their Censorship Practices, While Free Speech Competitor Sees Massive Gains – ‘Name Them And Shame Them’

Boycott Google


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Google and its video platform YouTube is coming under fire from both the right and left side of the political spectrum over their censorship practices, with more and more people urging the U.S. government to designate it a “utility” so it will fall under the regulatory oversight that other monopolies do, and as of a September 1, 2017 tweet, we see a main search competitor, DuckDuckGo, announce they have seen massive gains in search requests, showing that more and more people are forgoing the use of Google in favor of a search engine that does not censor and manipulate their results.

Via DuckDuckGo on September 1, 2017: ”

We just served a record 500,000,000 anonymous searches in one month! Thanks for spreading the word. Stay private.

A look at at Alexa who details website traffic statistics, confirms DuckDuckGo’s growth since the end of 2016, when Google/YouTube, and other social media sites realized they had lost control of the narrative and kicked their efforts to censor the news and the search findings that users could access, in order to regain control and influence over the masses. (Click to Site)

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