The Rapture… Our Blessed Hope!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


When I first started this blog I avoided talking about the rapture. My reason was this. In my opinion, and it’s based on what Jesus admonishes us to do, we are to destroy the works of the devil. In other words once we are born again and spirit-filled, we get involved in the ongoing cosmic war which is raging all around us.
That being stated, I have been pre-trib for 37 years, except for a brief sojourn into the mid-trib-pre-wrath position around the year 2000.
The Rapture of the church is our blessed hope. Some folks insist the church will go through the tribulation but the reason why this can not be is simple. We are not appointed to wrath.
The church has undergone persecution and that continues into the modern era, in places like China, Iraq, Pakistan and other countries that are hostile to the gospel.
However, persecution by man is a far cry from the wrath of God. i.e. The judgment that is poured out on the earth during the tribulation. There is a vast difference between persecution and the wrath of The Lamb.
Remember this entire planet is being influenced by the Fallen Cherub, i.e. Satan and thus we live in a broken, fallen world that groans to be redeemed. (Click to Site)

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