More Alarming Evidence Emerges Something Huge Is Ahead And Only A ‘Supernatural Intervention’ By God Leading To A ‘Great Awakening’ May Be Able To Stop It


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

While the lead up over the past several years to September of 2017 and ‘what lies beyond’ has seen more than its fair share of momentous, heart-breaking and awe-inspiring stories, it feels to many as though ‘the main events’ are still ahead and we’re rapidly closing in upon our fateful date with history.

The sheer number of different possible ‘breaking points’ that Americans and the world now face might seem overwhelming to those closely paying attention. And as we’ve seen in the streets of America and upon college campuses, within the Halls of Congress and within mainstream media outlets nationwide, a massive breakdown in the ‘perceptions of reality’ is being suffered by many who are unable to accept the ‘new reality‘ of President Donald Trump in office and are attempting to ‘crumble America from within’ according to this Washington Times story.

From worries of ‘civil war’ breaking out in this nation to very real attempts to ‘steal’ the Trump presidency by members of Congress and the ‘deep state’ to new threats and missile launches coming from North Korea to fears of Russia invading Europe, tensions seem to many to be at an all-time high, the ‘boiling point’ approaching before the pot has no choice but to ‘boil over’. As forecaster Martin Armstrong recently warned, the month of September appears to be a prime time for war.

Armstrong has been accurately predicting global crisis since the 1970’s and warns of a September 11th or 12th ‘target date’. And as we read in the recent SQAlert republished below videos, it may take a supernatural intervention to prevent America from continuing to go down the road that we’re now on. First, from Armstrong.:

We must be on guard for this is the prime period where a confrontation could emerge. 

This time he fired a missile over Japan. True, he could hit South Korea and Japan before they could launch any counter-measure. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the “most serious and grave” threat to the country. There is no question he is doing this to show strength to retain control. There are always people within a government who would assassinate him if he appeared weak. Such is the fate of dictators. 

We expect tensions to rise into the next target September 11/12th. (Click to Site)

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