Too many foreign forces now hidden in every state in America!

“The spirit of Paul Revere is Warning America! Get Ready! Get Ready!”


The following is a partial list of the fruits of Marxist Multiculturalism! Too many foreign forces now hidden in every state in America!

* The always-hidden Rothschild agents, dangerous Communist and public enemy number one, George Soros and his three sons, endlessly funding destructive leftist and liberal agitators and aggressors.  Rothschilds have always funded Communism!

* Russian sleepers as revealed by Jim Keith.  North Korean sleepers revealed this week by psychopath Kim Jong-un.  Chinese sleepers in the human organs and slave trade.

* Duduman’s disclosure that Russia would attack same time as China and North Korea

* Russian attack strategies with Alaska, Minnesota and Florida. Russian missile pre-positioned in Yellowstone to trigger the super volcano and destroy American infrastructure

* Chechnyan troop build up in Colorado

* UN troops driving up to 24 LENCO Bearcats at a time through Montana and other states

* Foreign troops hidden in National Forests where roads were bulldozed and it’s a felony to fly over

* 700,000 Makarov pistols Clinton pre-positioned for Russia in Colorado

* Clinton’s Treaty on Open Skies still letting foreign pilots fly over America!

* Islamic insurgents all over the place in 60 trainiing centers with weapons caches beneath mosques, with a growing presence in 33rd Degree Jimmy Carter’s Habitats for Humanity, with an increasing presence allowed by global security companies including security guards at major power plants

* Tens of thousands of muslims now employed in Silicon Valley (threatening our communications)

* Islam now working with the Mexican cartels

* Knife-wielding Somalis trained since childhood to be soldiers – sent courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce to work around blood every day (de-sensitized to it) then recruited by ISIS for overseas training then sent back here…

* Globalist-planted regional and state police from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

* Foreign-privatized prisons staffed by 150,000 with no local allegiances and who speak English as a second language. These lose money every day Patriots and Constitutionalists are not working inside… (Click to Site)

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