The Signs Continue


Last night the most powerful storm to hit the United States in 12 years made landfall near Corpus Christi, Texas.  The Category 4 Hurricane Harvey tore a path straight through San José Island and Rockport, making landfall between Corpus Christi and Victoria.  People were evacuated from towns across southeast Texas and a number of injuries and widespread destruction ensued.

Please pray for the thousands of people who have lost homes and are stranded.  Hundreds of thousands are without power.  Cleanup and reconstruction will take months.

As Harvey made a bee-line for Corpus a number of us noticed some striking things about these names and events.  Consider:

Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane, made landfall exactly 4 days after the Great American Eclipse and 4 weeks before the Feast of Trumpets, or, on the Jewish calendar, exactly 4 weeks before the Revelation 12 Signfeaturing a woman with 12 stars on her head who symbolizes the 12 tribes of Israel.  The storm was the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in 12 years and brought with it 12-foot storm surges. (Click to Site)

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