In Four Hours, Houston Supermarkets were totally SOLD OUT; Those who didn’t get food – CAN’T – – – – Will this be YOU when the Economic Collapse or Civil War Happens?

Are You Prepared for Any Kind of Disaster? The people in Houston weren’t.


 Hal Turner Commentary: “The masses are asses”  is a quote attributed to Alexander Hamilton.  He was speaking about majority voting versus an Electoral College, but the sentiment was evident in Texas over the past 48 hours.  Despite days and days of warning, people waited to the last minute to do what they NEEDED so as to survive the inbound Hurricane.  The day before Hurricane Harvey struck, in FOUR HOURS, supermarkets sold out of water and most food.  Those who got, got.  Those who didn’t . . . .

Now, a Hurricane comes with warning, but the masses waited.  What if what’s coming arrives WITHOUT WARNING?  What if it’s an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack by a rogue country like North Korea, wiping out all electronics and Bank records?  What if it’s an earthquake?  A Tsunami?  Civil War? Here’s a likely one:  What if it’s economic collapse?  All the Credit and Debit Cards stop working because the banks have gone under.  ATM’s don’t work and Bank Branches get locked because panicked people are taking out all their cash.

What will YOU do in any events like that?  How will YOU eat?  Where will YOU get water?  How will YOUR FAMILY survive?  If you’re one of the “asses” you won’t think about any of that until it’s too late.  Here’s how NOT to be an ass . . .

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