Where Is The Dragon?


We’ve received many comments and emails from readers asking us what we think about the dragon and whether its seeming absence causes a problem with the Revelation 12 Sign.  Personally, identifying the dragon in the sky has never been a concern for me.  My study of Revelation 12 and other supporting Scriptures has led me to believe we shouldn’t expect to see anything, at least in the near-term.  I’m not dogmatic about this and if a mysterious “Planet X” soon shows up then, well, more power to those looking for Nibiru, but from my perspective it is unlikely that Revelation 12:3-4 will manifest as an actual alignment of planets and stars.

There is no mention of the Sun or Moon in verses 3 or 4 as there is in Revelation 12:1-2 and stars are directly connected to the alignment of the Great Sign in verses 1 and 2, whereas they are not necessarily part of the sign of the dragon itself.  And the only celestial objects mentioned (stars) are actually cast to the earth (even one actual star being cast to the earth would consume the whole planet instantly).  The dragon is satan and the stars falling to earth are his accompanying angels which are thrown down to the earth (Rev. 12:9; see also Rev. 1:20).  Thus Revelation 12:7-9 directly parallels Revelation 12:3-4 and provides a clear explanation for Revelation 12:3-4 within the passage itself.

When considering the chronology of events in the book of Revelation I think we sometimes get too caught up in a very linear mindset, but Scripture is not purely linear.  God’s Word is multi-dimensional and full of intricate patterns and connections.  Revelation pulls most heavily from the book of Isaiah yet Isaiah is not completely chronological.  It does have a beginning and ending, but it weaves in and out.  For example, Isaiah 26-27 is primarily about end time events including the resurrection of the dead, but many chapters later we see a detailed account of Jesus’ death and resurrection (Isaiah 53).  Another example can be found in Genesis where the first chapter extends over the entire Creation Week, but the second chapter rewinds and expounds upon the details of the sixth day of Creation.  Remember that the original biblical manuscripts had no chapter numbers, verses, or even punctuation marks.  You didn’t read God’s Word by flipping pages, one after another, but by unrolling a scroll.
The book of Revelation has one of the clearest chiastic structures in the entire Bible and at the heart of it all are the events in Revelation 12, thus it is my belief that what triggers the rest of the events in Revelation is when the Church goes up (Rev. 12:5) and the devil comes down (Rev. 12:12): (Click to Site)

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