Amazing Eclipse Pictures… And Something More?


Today’s historic eclipse is now over.  This amazing sign in the heavens crossed the United States in 1 hour and 33 minutes, beginning in the 33rd state and ending at the 33rd parallel.  It occurred on the 233rd day of the year, 133 days before 2018, and happened 33 days before what might be the Great Sign of Revelation 12.  Featured below are some amazing pictures from across the nation.


Whether in the path of totality or not, the entire nation was covered in crescent-shaped illumination, a phenomenon that only occurs during a solar eclipse.  Trillions and trillions of these little shadows covered the United States.  This caught my attention seeing as the Feast of Trumpets is the only biblical holy day that is marked by the sighting of the moon’s waxing crescent.  It is a signal that the day “no one knows the day or hour” has begun.  Could these tiny crescents be a reminder that the Feast of Trumpets begins in about one month? (Click to Site)

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