Bug Out Bag – The Essentials Needed To Survive Disaster


What is a “Bug Out Bag?”

bug out bag, sometimes called BOB, is a bag that contains essential emergency items. The bag is intended to help you and your family survive in dire circumstances, like an emergency. For example, what if you had to evacuate due to a natural disaster like an earthquake, tornado or hurricane? Could you survive for the next several days? Could you feed your kids and keep them healthy? If you have a bug out bag that’s packed right, you most certainly could. Your bug out bag essentials matter.

If you are new to being a prepper or a survivalist, then this might sound a little confusing or overwhelming. Well, don’t worry, the team at Prep For That is going to help you build an amazing, life-preserving bug out bag. After reading this article, no matter what happens, you are going to be able to survive for the next few days.

Bug Out Bag Contents | A Personal Decision

What one person might place on their bug out bag checklist could be vastly different from what another person might list. People are all different. Everyone lives in a different region of the world; some hot and others cold. Some people live in mountainous terrain and others near the Everglades. There are different situations with seasons and bugs and wildlife that must be taken into account. My below list should be considered as a general starting point for a very basic bug out bag contents list. (Click to Site)

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