The Key To Understanding The View Point Of The Left


Why did Americans react so differently to the President’s statements after the riots in Charlottesville?  Some thought the statements were dignified, appropriate, and diplomatic.  Others proclaimed him to be a Nazi sympathizer who refused to condemn bigotry.

How could the same audience hear two different things?

The Key is to understand the fundamental difference in how both sides view the moral and spiritual role of the Presidency.

Basic political science tell us the difference between liberal and conservative views on government but what if the spiritual vacuum created by the atheism of the left has taken it into the realm of faith?

Liberals (who I define a basically decent and rational people) and their extreme counterparts Progressive Leftist (violent extremists) fundamentally believe that the government is a force for good. Thus, the head of the government, the President is the moral head of the nation. The President must be above reproach and as long as he/she is a liberal can do no wrong in their eyes because their motives come from a place of purity, the ends justify the means. Thus, examples of lawlessness by Obama or the Clintons are excused by them (and their media). Like Greek gods, their failings are seen as part of their charms but make them no less worthy of reverence.  These voters must love and adore the candidate they support. (Click to Site)

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