America: The Writing Is On The Wall

America, you wanted a world without God.  You wanted to be your own god.  You wanted to go your own way.  Well you’re about to get what you wanted and you’ll soon discover what it means to lose God’s blessing and protection.


Days from now a total solar eclipse will cross the entirety of the contiguous United States.  This eclipse appears to be filled with prophetic meaning, which I wrote about several weeks ago.  I noticed that the first major city it crosses is Salem, Oregon, but lo and behold it was recently discovered that this eclipse actually crosses seven towns in the United States called Salem – seven.

Salem was the original biblical name for Jerusalem (Genesis 14:18Hebrews 7:1-2) and to this day it is the shortened version of the name (Psalm 76:2).

Next month the world will witness what could very well be the Great Sign of Revelation 12, which portrays a woman in labor.  Micah 5:3 indicates that this sign signals God’s attention returning to Israel – in other words the Age of Grace or the Church Age is coming to a close because the rapture of God’s children is imminent (Isaiah 26:17-2166:7-11John 14:2-3,  1 Thessalonians 4:16-175:3-41 Corinthians 15:51-52Revelation 3:1012:5).  Is it then any wonder that an eclipse over the most powerful and prosperous Gentile nation on earth is pointing back to Jerusalem and Israel?  This may be the passing of the prophetic baton, as it were. (Click to Site)

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