Alaska Fish & Game Shuts Down All Sport and Commercial King Salmon Harvest


The Alaska Department of Fish & Game made a bold decision shutting down all commercial and sport fishing harvest for king salmon in southeast Alaska.

According to KCAW, as of 12:01 a.m. on August 10, 2017, all commercial fishing boats, guided charters, and even resident recreational anglers must release any king salmon unharmed.

With a focus on protecting future production of this species, Deputy Commissioner of ADF&G Charlie Swanton said, “It is imperative that Alaska offer relief now for these stocks.”

It’s been reported that commercial fishermen were able to wrap up the first summer opener in just 4 days, landing 66,000 kings back in July.

That left 31,000 kings to be caught during a second opener, which was set to run sometime in August. (Click to Site)

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