Doklam standoff: China playing out its ‘Three Warfares’ strategy against India


NEW DELHI: Is China playing out its ‘Three Warfares’ strategy against India? Indian strategists who are involved with China in the current Doklam crisis believe China has now fully operationalized this concept and is applying it to the Doklam crisis.

The Three Warfares
The provenance of the ‘Three Warfares’ is not fully established. But according to sources, in 2003, China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) approved the guiding concepts for “information ..  (Click to Site)

USGS deems 2 NorCal volcanoes as ‘very high threat’

Mt. Shasta tops USGS’s list of very high threat volcanoes in California


With the world’s top volcanologists heading to Portland, Ore., on Monday for the first international volcanology assembly held in the U.S. since 1989, the many famous, prominent and dangerous volcanoes of the West Coast will be the subject of field trips and much discussion.

Throughout the Cascade Range to southern California, the West Coast is home to most of the country’s highest-threat volcanoes, as ranked by the United State Geological Survey. And California has its share.

While Mount Shasta unsurprisingly tops USGS’s list of very-high threat volcanoes in California, there are seven other volcanic areas in the state that are also young, nervy, jacked up on magma and “likely to erupt.”

Scientists know from geophysical and geochemical research that these volcanoes have molten rock, magma, “in their roots,” said Margaret Mangan, Scientist-in-Charge at the California Volcano Observatory. “I call them the watch-list volcanoes.”

As listed by the California observatory, the eight fall into three danger categories: (Click to Site)

Wounded Warriors: The Lamb Above, And The Beast Below


Moses and the elders of the newborn nation of Israel saw Him on top of Mt. Sinai (Ex. 24:9-11); Isaiah later beheld His glory during a time of national crisis (Isa. 6Jn. 12:37-41); John and the other apostles were eye-witnesses to His majesty as well (Matt. 17:1-13Jn. 1:14182 Cor. 12:1-42 Pet. 1:16). And, now, we who are alive at the end of the age await our turn to see Him as He is, so that we may also become like Him in glory (Php. 3:20-21Col. 1:271 Jn. 3:2).

Why is the hope described by Paul in Titus 2:13 so blessed? Read on, because the “blessed hope” is connected to “the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.” All right, that sounds good. But a sincere believer might be asking, “Now that we see the signs of God’s day of judgment fast approaching, does this mean my hope is less-than-blessed in some way?” By no means! Part of your pre-trib privilege is seeing Jesus first, ahead of the rest of the world:

…[t]hose who believe without seeing are blessed” (Jn. 20:29).

And Peter echoes:

“You love Him, though you have not seen Him. And though not seeing Him now, you believe in Him and rejoice with inexpressible and glorious joy…” (1 Pet. 1:8).

Rejoice, brother. Be blessed, sister. Your help is on the way. Your Savior is coming, and He is coming to rescue you from His own wrath reserved for an unbelieving world (Jn. 3:36Rom. 5:91 Thess. 1:10Rev. 3:10).

The Last Will Be First

The Bible is full of paradoxes. As defined by Oxford Dictionaries, a paradox is: a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true. Jesus revealed to His disciples many paradoxical statements that went against popular belief, and it was these hard-to-stomach truths that caused many to trust in Him and others to walk away from Him entirely (Jn. 6:60-69).

In a previous post Gary wrote about one particular paradox that relates to the resurrection and rapture of the Church (see here). The gospel writers record Jesus saying, “The last will be first, and the first will be last” (Matt. 19:3020:16Mk. 10:31Lk. 13:30). In a surprising turn of events, it will be the Gentile-dominant body of Christ who will see Jesus first; then, at last, the remnant of Israel and the rest of the world will see Him…much to the dismay of many who have already taken the mark of the Beast.

A foolish nation is taken first (Deut. 32:21Isa. 66:7-8). It’s God’s gracious gift to an undeserving people but a blasphemous thought to the self-righteous Pharisee. It might sound too-good-to-be-true at times, but, regardless of our wavering opinions, those of us in the body of Christ will have the unique blessing of beholding the Lamb in heaven while the nations of the earth fawn over their own “savior” below.

And now that everything is coming down to the wire, the people of earth must choose between the Lamb and the Beast. These two figures will face-off during the final showdown, and to a deceived and unsuspecting world, the Beast will seem like a sure-thing. Vegas will bet money on him…if Sin City is still around by Armageddon.

Who is the ultimate champion of the world? To answer that question, we must understand a related paradox to “the last will be first,” namely, the least will be greatest (c.f. Matt. 23:11Lk. 9:48). The Beast along with all the armies of the world will assemble together to prevent Jesus from taking Jerusalem. But all the aircraft carriers, cruise missiles, super-soldiers and stealth bombers in the world can’t stop the Christ and His armies. In the eyes of the world, it will be the greatest upset of all-time.

I’ve always appreciated a good underdog victory in a lopsided match-up. Let’s size-up the competition and get the stats for both the Lamb and the Beast. You’ll find some interesting comparisons, but one monumental difference: The Lamb is truly the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Sorry, Ali. (Click to Site)

12 Events To Watch Between August 21st – September 30th


We are about to witness an extremely unusual convergence of events that many believe could represent a major turning point for our nation.
By now you have probably heard that on August 21st a total solar eclipse will move across the entire continental United States for the first time in decades.
In fact, we have not seen a total solar eclipse cross from the west coast to the east coast in 99 years.  And it will be the very first total solar eclipse that is only visible in this country since the United States first became a nation.
Starting with that event, there is going to be a whole lot going on until we reach the end of September.


The following are 12 critical events that are going to happen over a 40 day period from August 21st to September 30th… (Click to Site)

The N. Korean Distraction Will Free Up China to Invade Asia


It is well-known that North Korea is a puppet state of China. and they are formidable enough that they can tie up the combined forces of the US, South Korea and Japan. with the US tied up with North Korea they are free to control Asia.

It is also well known that China’s currencies are in crisis. The Chinese desperately need raw materials to boost their industrial output and expansion. They are in a similar situation as was Japan prior to World War II. China is engaged in a strategy to acquire natural resources from its neighbors, by force, if necessary. Will China repeat history and look to conquer Asia for its natural resources?

China is definitely in war mode and has already formed an alliance with the Philippines. China has militarized the South China Sea.  China has already engaged the forces of India with border incursions in a move seemingly predicated on forcing India to attack China as an excuse to invade.

I have run this by several military experts over the past week and they think that if we engage North Korea, China will move on India, with Pakistan’s help.

Following India, China’s next move would most likely be on Vietnam, one of their arch enemies. (Click to Site)

China may conduct ‘small-scale military operation’ to remove Indian troops from Bhutan border region

‘And no matter how the standoff ends, Sino-Indian ties have been severely damaged and strategic distrust will linger’


China could conduct a “small-scale military operation” to expelIndian troops from a contested region in the Himalayas, according to an article published a Chinese state-controlled newspaper.

Indian troops entered the area in the Doklam Plateau in June after New Delhi’s ally Bhutan complained a Chinese military construction party was building a road inside Bhutan’s territory.

Beijing says Doklam is located in Tibet and that the border dispute between China and Bhutan has nothing to do with India. It has demanded Indian troops withdraw.

Chinese and Indian media have taken a strident approach, with an article in the Chinese state-owned Global Times quoting a research fellow at the Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences saying China is preparing to initiate a “limited war” to push Indian soldiers out of the area.

Hu Zhiyong told the paper: “The series of remarks from the Chinese side within a 24-hour period sends a signal to India that there is no way China will tolerate the Indian troops’ incursion into Chinese territory for too long.

“If India refuses to withdraw, China may conduct a small-scale military operation within two weeks.”

He went on to say the military operation would aim to seize Indian personnel lingering in Chinese territory or expel them.

“India, which has stirred up the incident, should bear all the consequences,” he added. “And no matter how the standoff ends, Sino-Indian ties have been severely damaged and strategic distrust will linger.”

An Indian magazine’s front cover last month showed a map of China shorn of Tibet and self-ruled Taiwan also ignited public anger on Chinese social media with thousands of angry posts.

The Indian government has asked political parties to refrain from politicising the issue and allow diplomacy to work. (Click to Site)

World Prepares For War


U.N. imposes crushing sanctions on North Korea (cutting one-third of their exports) and tensions are now higher than at any point since the Korean War.  North Korea is threatening “thousands-fold” revenge on the U.S. as observers estimate their ICBM range now encompasses Chicago and possibly New York.

Doklam standoff between China and India is escalating with Chinese state-run media hinting that they might be on the verge of a limited military operation against Indian troops in the region. (Click to Site)

This ‘Politically Correct’ But Horrific Scenario Details How The US Could Lose A War Against North Korea And End Up In Ruins

– Korean War II – A Scenario


Submitted to All News Pipeline by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

North Korea has nuclear-armed missiles and satellites potentially capable of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. EMP is considered by many the most politically acceptable use of a nuclear weapon, because the high-altitude detonation (above 30 kilometers) produces no blast, thermal, or radioactive fallout effects harmful to people.

EMP itself is harmless to people, destroying only electronics. But by destroying electric grids and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures, the indirect effects of EMP can kill far more people in the long-run than nuclear blasting a city.

In this scenario, North Korea makes an EMP attack on Japan and South Korea to achieve its three most important foreign policy goals: reunification with South Korea, revenge upon Japan for World War II, and recognition of North Korea as a world power.

Revenge against Tokyo is a convenient rationale for someday attacking Japan. War against Japan will be necessary for the North to conquer South Korea, as Japan is an indispensable staging area for U.S. and allied forces defending South Korea.

North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, is the scion of three generations of totalitarian rule, a megalomaniac and ruthless murderer described by state media as a demigod having supernatural powers.

Kim’s strategy is to sever U.S. security guarantees to South Korea and Japan by raising the stakes too high—raising the specter of nuclear war—and through “nuclear diplomacy” to cow the U.S. and its allies into submission.

In this scenario, North Korea detonates a nuclear weapon at 96 kilometers HOB (height of burst) over Tokyo. The EMP field extends from the Japanese capital to a radius of 1,080 kilometers, covering all of Japan’s major home islands.

Virtually all of Japan’s major military bases and seaports are covered by the EMP field, rendering them inoperable. Traffic control towers and systems are damaged and blacked-out stopping air and rail traffic. Highways are jammed with stalled vehicles. Communications systems are damaged or destroyed or in blackout.

Worse, Japan’s population of 126 million people is at risk because suddenly there is no running water or food coming into the cities. EMP induced industrial accidents are happening everywhere. Gas pipelines are exploding and turning into firestorms in towns and cities. Refineries and chemical plants are exploding, releasing toxic clouds and poisonous spills. Tokyo knows from the experience of Fukushima that as the nationwide blackout becomes protracted, within days Japan’s nuclear reactors will exhaust their emergency power supplies and begin exploding, contaminating the home islands with radioactivity.

As a consequence of the EMP attack, Japan’s critical infrastructures are paralyzed and incapable of transporting U.S. forces to aidSouth Korea. Indeed, with Japan’s survival at risk, Tokyo would probably oppose any effort to help South Korea by U.S. forces staging from Japan, fearing another North Korean EMP attack.  (Click to Site)


Hiding head in sand

The first video, “Why is Nobody Talking about This… (2017-2018 EVENTS)” will leave you stunned about the overall picture of how far we’ve advanced in the biblical scenario. The other two that we’d urge you to watch is under the heading Media and are by R$E of London. All of them are good because of their analysis of what’s occurring in the media, in terms of predictive programming to make what’s coming more comfortable for the general public, and the progress of society toward an antichrist system.

Many of the remaining items in this post cover similar topics, that is, the preparation of society for what the Bible says is coming soon in terms of surveillance and control. Much of what follows relates to the Hegelian dialectic, that is, the problem-solution-reaction method used to control modern society. For more on this and a clear explanation of all that it entails, see the last article in this post, below.

Because so much of what’s being discussed has become part of everyday, normal life for many people, they fail to notice what it all means and where it is leading. But it’s important to step outside of the box and to become aware, if only not to aid unknowingly in the propagation of this evil, and to protect the next generation in any way we can. Luciferian propaganda is coming on hot and heavy, and we can’t stand against it if we’re not aware of it.

Daniel 2:22 He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.

Total Surveillance/ Digitized Mind/ Transhumanism/ Prophecy

Why is Nobody Talking about This… (2017-2018 EVENTS)  Subjects from weather to surveillance to microchips to transhumanism to CERN, and more are covered, as it takes clips from recent news stories to make clear exactly where we are and how much is happening around us. The deeper implications of what these means are covered more fully in the two R$E videos, below, under Media. (Click to Site)

Torah Commentary – Ekev “Because” – The Longing Within – SCRIPTURES FOR August 12, 2017

Torah Commentary
Ekev “Because”
Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25
Isaiah 49:14-51:3
2Kings 1-3
Matthew 4:1-11 Luke 4:1-13
James 5:7-11


The Longing Within
A few weeks ago Kathy and I had the pleasure of hosting Barry Phillips of Remnant of Yisrael . Barry is a cherished friend of many years now. In the early 2,000’s, I had the privilege of taking Barry and his wife, Laura, on their first trip home to Israel. Through the years I have had the privilege of bringing hundreds of people to the Land. Surprisingly some have treated the trip as a checkmark on their bucket list while others are forever transformed by Israel. Barry and Laura are part of the latter group.
During his visit with us, Barry taught a message which I think ties into this Torah portion. It was titled ‘Exiles or Captives”. This message is available on his web site. To summarize the message I ask the question, “Are our lives today defined by the word exile or captive?” The answer lies in where your heart’s desire or focus. It might seem strange to define oneself by these two terms, exile and captive, so let me explain.
During a recent conference I shared a message titled “Longing for Home.” After my title was submitted I questioned whether maybe I should have called it “Longing for Home, Israel.” Unfortunately the thought came in late, so I let it go. Interestingly enough I had more than one person come to me to share they had seen my message title but did not come because they didn’t know the subject I would be speaking on. I was asked, “Where is home?” My question to them, “Are you an exile or a captive?” You tell me.

(Click to Site)