Factory chickens grown in the U.S. are too heavy to stand on their own feet; meat begins ROTTING even before they’re killed


(Natural News) Recent controversy in the U.K. about the prospect of U.S. chickens hitting British supermarkets post-Brexit has shed light on the horrific conditions these animals face, and it’s enough to make even the most passionate poultry eater go full vegan.

Why did the idea of these chickens being sold in the U.K. spark such a fierce Cabinet row? The fact that it is washed in chlorine is only part of the problem. It’s the reason that such an unappetizing measure is needed in the first place: the unfathomable conditions under which these chickens are bred and raised. (Related: Why factory farming will ultimately lead to mass global starvation.)

The U.S. does not have any minimum space requirements when it comes to breeding chicken, nor does it have rules regarding lighting levels in sheds or maximum allowable levels of ammonia to indicate the amount of fecal matter and urine present. The U.K. and Europe have laws governing such matters, whereas unlimited amounts of waste can and do fester inside American sheds. This helps explain why 97 percent of our country’s birds have to be cleaned in chlorine after being slaughtered, adding to the concern.

U.K. Environment Secretary Michael Gove spoke out against a trade deal that would see American chickens sold in U.K. stores, after Trade Secretary Liam Fox indicated he would consider dropping an EU ban on importing American chicken should it stand in the way of securing a trade deal with America following Brexit. (Click to Site)

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