Factory chickens grown in the U.S. are too heavy to stand on their own feet; meat begins ROTTING even before they’re killed


(Natural News) Recent controversy in the U.K. about the prospect of U.S. chickens hitting British supermarkets post-Brexit has shed light on the horrific conditions these animals face, and it’s enough to make even the most passionate poultry eater go full vegan.

Why did the idea of these chickens being sold in the U.K. spark such a fierce Cabinet row? The fact that it is washed in chlorine is only part of the problem. It’s the reason that such an unappetizing measure is needed in the first place: the unfathomable conditions under which these chickens are bred and raised. (Related: Why factory farming will ultimately lead to mass global starvation.)

The U.S. does not have any minimum space requirements when it comes to breeding chicken, nor does it have rules regarding lighting levels in sheds or maximum allowable levels of ammonia to indicate the amount of fecal matter and urine present. The U.K. and Europe have laws governing such matters, whereas unlimited amounts of waste can and do fester inside American sheds. This helps explain why 97 percent of our country’s birds have to be cleaned in chlorine after being slaughtered, adding to the concern.

U.K. Environment Secretary Michael Gove spoke out against a trade deal that would see American chickens sold in U.K. stores, after Trade Secretary Liam Fox indicated he would consider dropping an EU ban on importing American chicken should it stand in the way of securing a trade deal with America following Brexit. (Click to Site)

Canaanite Gene Study Actually Proves the Bible Right, But Don’t Tell the Media


Last week, the American Journal of Human Genetics published a study connecting the DNA of ancient Canaanites to modern-day people in Lebanon. Various news outlets immediately reported that this study proved the Bible wrong, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Evolution News’ David Klinghoffer compiled a helpful series of headlines:

Disclosed emails prove that SCIENCE has been totally corrupted by Monsanto, and regulators have become prostitutes and shills for GMOs


(Natural NewsA new batch of internal company documents has been releasedshowing that agricultural giant Monsanto suppressed key data about the potential dangers of its Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide. These documents also suggest that the multinational chemical corporation worked with United States regulators to make Roundup appear safer than it is in order to gain regulatory approval.

More than 75 documents have been made public revealing discussions, text messages, and other communications between Monsanto executives and various academics and scientists about its products. Some of these documents show that Monsanto employees offered cash payments to scientists in exchange for their stamp of approval.

The documents have been made public as part of a lawsuit filed against Monsanto by individuals who say that exposure to Roundup caused themselves or their family members to fall ill with serious health conditions. Among these is non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer that’s increased in prevalence alongside increased use of Roundup.

Attorneys at the firm Baum Hedlund Aristei Goldman, which is just one of many firms representing the thousands of plaintiffs who are pursuing claims against Monsanto, posted the documents, which collectively account for more than 700 pages of information. Upwards of 100 of these lawsuits have reportedly been consolidated in multi-district litigation in the federal court of San Francisco, while others are pending in places like Missouri (Monsanto’s home state), Delaware, and Arizona.

“This is a look behind the curtain,” stated Brent Wisner, one of the Baum Hedlund attorneys representing the case.

“These show that Monsanto has deliberately been stopping studies that look bad for them, ghostwriting literature and engaging in a whole host of corporate malfeasance. They (Monsanto) have been telling everybody that these products are safe because regulators have said they are safe, but it turns out that Monsanto has been in bed with U.S. regulators while misleading European regulators.” (Click to Site)

Microchipping Humans: First They Traded Freedom For Security, Now It’s Privacy For Convenience


By Claire Bernish

If a steel truth exists in decades of technological innovation, it rests firmly in the convenience provided society — indeed, while the mother of invention had long been named necessity, a prodigious marketplace bolstered iniquitously by acceptance of planned obsolescence ensured materialism had supplanted anything honorable as the true American Way.

Whether society’s placating soma of an obsession with stuff and things was engineered by the political upper echelons or fell, in some nightmarish fluke, at the feet of frothy-mouthed surveillance hawks, perhaps matters not an iota, considering the State probably has more eyes in your home than does your family.

That — implanting appliances, phones, electronics, homes, cars, kids’ toys, and damned near any other objects pervertible for domestic spying — takes gall.

Like well-oiled cogs, however, even corporate media’s condemnation in headlines of the aforementioned abhorrent surveillance programs exposed by a series of tremendously important leaks and leakers, could not sway consumerists, on the whole, to raise as much as an eyebrow. Why this stupefying apathy to multitudinous rights violations perpetrated by the United States government against, well, the planet? (Click to Site)

The UNITED States Is On the Verge of Extinction-Death by Secession


America is being torn apart. The nation is disintegrating into self-serving regionalism. Presently in America, there is a globalist inspired effort to destroy the United States from within.

Nixon’s 10 FEMA Regions

In the modern era, the breakup of the United States first appeared in Richard Nixon’s division of America into 10 FEMA Regions. This is becoming a rough draft model for the planned break-up of the United States.

Forty eight hours ago, I made the following video which demonstrated how over 20% of the country is close to breaking away from the Federal government.

Upon further research, I have determined that over half the country is involved in a movement of type or another that wishes to withdraw from the Union. I have also determined that many George Soros’ organizations are involved in many, if not all of these movements. (Click to Site)

GMO industry now screaming that delays in government approval of genetically engineered crops are KILLING people


(Natural News) It looks like the pro-GMO propaganda machine has been at work again after a new study published in Plos ONE says that children will die because of the government’s slow approval of GM crops.

In the study, a group of researchers calculated the effects that the delays could cause on the population of five countries in Africa. They used a calculation model that looks at the economic benefits for consumers and producers as well as the advantages of reduced malnutrition in subsistence farm households.

According to their calculations, had Kenya adopted GE corn back in 2006, somewhere between 440 and 4,000 lives could have been saved. If Uganda had seized its opportunity to introduce a type of banana that is resistant to the black sigatoka in 2007, they believe that between 500 and 5,500 lives could have been saved during the last ten years.

It would be interesting to see a similar calculation of how many people would have died had these countries introduced those crops as planned. How many new cases of cancer would there be? How many butterflies, honeybees and livestock would have died? What condition would the soil and water be in now?

Let’s not forget what happened in India, where more than 290,000 cotton farmers have killed themselves since the introduction of GM cotton there. The high price of the GM seeds placed many of these farmers into cycles of debt they couldn’t break free from, with fresh seeds needing to be purchased each year and replanting not a possibility. Here’s a calculation those in charge of approving those Bt crops in Africa might want to consider: One Indian farmer kills himself every 30 minutes because of the devastation caused by GM crops.

Overall, the researchers believe that a year-long delay in approving the Bt cowpea in Nigeria could end up costing the country anywhere from $33 million to $46 million along with as many as 3,000 lives.

Their estimates come as authorities mull the approval of Bt cowpea in Niger, Nigeria and Benin. It was intended to be introduced this year, but approvals are still pending. They say this delay could be particularly harmful to Nigeria, where malnourishment is rampant. One of the study’s authors, Justus Wesseler, even goes so far as to say that these approvals could be important for all of Europe because it would reduce migration. (Click to Site)

Many States Preparing For Historic Eclipse Like A Natural Disaster


CBS Local — Americans across the U.S. will see the country’s first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 99 years. While millions of people get ready to watch the Aug. 21 eclipse, local authorities are the treating the event more like a natural disaster and are preparing for the worst.

The disaster prep work stems from the massive tourist attraction the solar eclipse has become. The eclipse’s path of totality, where the moon will almost completely block the sun, covers a 70-mile-wide lane that will cut across 12 states from Oregon to South Carolina. There are an estimated 12 million people in the eclipse’s path.

According to greatamericaneclipse.com, another 1.8 to 7.4-million people will travel into the path on Aug. 21. Several small towns and less populated states are preparing to see their populations double or even triple in the week leading up to the solar event. (Click to Site)

Adult Coloring Books and Mandalas – A Warning for Christians!



Written by: Prophecy in the News

There is a part of our cultural society today that seems so innocent, yet is so disturbing. As a Christian, we should realize this is another sign of the end times we live in. The society today is preparing the average person for the acceptance of a one-world government, a one-world religion and the antichrist in very targeted and subtle ways. One of these ways is targeted towards women.

Go into any Michael’s Craft Store, Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and any bookstore and you will see “Adult Coloring Books” encouraging the art of the stress free “mandalas.”

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of beautiful coloring books out there, but it is the introduction of the “mandalas” to relieve your stress that is dangerous. You ask why?

It seems so very innocent! But, it is societies way of removing Christianity from Western culture and preparing our minds to accept the world’s fourth-largest religion; that of Buddhism. A religion that has over 500 million followers around the world.

This beautiful and colorful circle called the “mandala” is part of most of these adult coloring books?

Wikipedia defines the mandala as a beautiful circle pattern that looks like it would be impossible to draw free hand. It is also a “spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe.  In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.”

A mandala is used in tantric Buddhism as an aid to meditation. They meditate on the image until they are saturated by it. They believe that you can merge with the deity by meditating on the mandala. “A mandala is also visualized (dhyana) by the yogin whose aim it is to merge with the deity.”

Focusing on mandalas is a spiritual practice where you merge with “deities”–this practice opens the door to demons. (Click to Site)