Is National Demonic Possession Possible?

We will demonstrate that demonic possession of a large part of a national population is possible; we shall also detail the various doorways a person can open that allows demons to enter them.  Once we describe these doorways to you, you will realize that our entire American  society is allowing itself to be infested demonically right NOW!


Can an entire population of a nation become demonically possessed?  Maybe we should rephrase this question:  Can an entire population of unsaved people become demonically possessed ?  We shall demonstrate to you that this most frightening scenario is not only possible, but is in the process of occurring in American society today!

Before we begin, let us examine some pertinent Biblical facts .

1)  God views a nation as the collective of the majority of the people inhabiting that nation.  Therefore, individual morality is critically important to the nation, especially as that type of morality moves into the majority position.  God ascribes a collective national morality to a nation based upon the majority morality of the people currently living there .

2)  Since this is true, God is very concerned about the morality of nations.  We see this Biblical fact very strongly in the Old Testament.  Once the majority morality of Sodom and Gomorrah became totally reprobate, God assigned that label to these city-states, and destroyed them.  God sent Jonah to the mighty city, Nineveh, to warn them that, unless they repented as a nation, God would destroy them in physical judgment.  Led by their mighty king, the people of Nineveh did repent, sparing themselves physical destruction.  However, history records that, 120 years later, the people of Nineveh were again just as sinful as their forefathers in the time of Jonah, and God did destroy them at that time.  Finally, God warned Israel about her sinfulness for about 150 years before he sent in King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to militarily destroy the nation, carrying away most of the population to serve as slaves in his kingdom.

3)  Therefore, it does matter what people do in the “privacy of their own bedrooms”, and living rooms, and in their lives.

4)  Americans today have been ill informed about the reality of Spiritual Warfare swirling all around us.  The situation has gotten so bad that Satan could have us by our nose and we would not recognize him for who he is!

One of the things of which I am so grateful to God are the people He has placed into my ministry to help me understand the people and the organizations in this world that are leading this world steadily into the arms of Antichrist.  God has brought a former member of the World Wide Children of God into this ministry, a former Satanist Illuminist, several former Catholics, a several former Freemasons.  As a result, my understanding of the total occult world being arrayed against the nations and institutions of this world in order to bring them under the subjection of Antichrist, is very much strengthened and clarified.

In this vein, we are indebted to a medical doctor whose ministry is to former Satanists who have come out of the Craft because they had become born again, for the specific insight as to how a person can invite demonic possession or affliction .  This person is Dr. Rebecca Brown, in her book, “Becoming A Vessel of Honor In The Master’s Service”.  While I am aware that Rebecca Brown has great problems with her theology, she does describe Satanism very well; I have verified her description of Satanism with former Satanist, Doc Marquis.  Therefore, when I quote her material, I am doing so only on the basis of her detailed knowledge of Satanism and its practices, without supporting her theology.

If you do not believe in spiritual warfare, you are going to have trouble believing this article.  Perhaps you should do some Biblical reading first that will prepare you for Dr. Brown’s facts.  We encourage you to read these Scriptures:

1)  2 Kings 6:8-17 — In this passage, the King of Syria sends out a huge army to capture, and to kill, the prophet, Elisha.  The next morning, the servant of Elisha goes out of the tent and sees the huge Syrian army surrounding the entire city in which Elisha was residing.  In great panic, the servant cries out to Elisha that they are doomed.  Elisha tells the servant something that must have made the servant think his old master had gone nuts.  Elisha said, “Fear not; for those with us are more than those with them.” [verse 16]  Elisha could tell the servant was not taking this statement too well, so he prayed that God would “open his eyes” so he could see God’s army.  Immediately, the servant could look into the spirit world , and he saw “the mountain full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.” [Verse 17]

This is precisely the type of spiritual warfare about which Dr. Brown speaks.  In fact, she says that, for most people involved into the occult, their major motivation for getting so involved is their desire to look into the spirit world.  However, God forbids such activity.

2) Daniel 10 — The entire chapter gives us a glimpse into the spirit world, and a better understanding of the spiritual warfare that is occurring every single day in the realm of the Heavenlies in heaven, in outer space and in the air surrounding earth.  In this chapter, Daniel is praying to God for further understanding into End Times prophecy God had given him earlier concerning Israel.  Daniel prayed and fasted partially for “three whole weeks”.  At the 21st day after he prayed, an angel came to him with God’s answer.  This angel told Daniel that God had sent him from Heaven with His answer to Daniel’s prayer on the first day Daniel prayed.  However, this angel was kept from coming to Daniel for three weeks because he had been attacked by a very powerful demon, who is identified as the “Hostile Prince of Persia”.  This demon was personally responsible to Satan to keep the pagan king of Persia making decisions that would move the country in the direction Satan wanted it to go.  This demon was so powerful, this holy angel had to call upon the Archangel Michael, Israel’s personal protector, to win the battle for him.  Then, after he had finished with Daniel, this angel stated that he would have to go help holy angels fight against demons for the control of Greece.  From this Scripture, we see that Satan assigns his most powerful demons to personally attend to the leadership of the various nations of the world, to try to move their policies in the paths Satan would like them to go.

Study these two passages well, for they instruct us well as to the spiritual warfare that continually roars all around the world, in outer space, and in Heaven itself, as Satan tries daily to thwart God’s plan.  Once you understand these situations you will be in much better condition to understand the principles Dr. Brown is teaching us.  Even though the average Christian does not understand the reality of spiritual warfare any longer, practicing Satanists understand it very well.  In fact, they are specifically trained to carry out this type of spiritual warfare daily. (Click to Site)

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